Sony is preparing a service similar to “Xbox Game Pass”!

Xbox Game Pass

Sony’s response to Xbox Games

The Xbox Game Pass service is one of the most successful Microsoft projects in the gaming industry, and especially in the ninth generation of game consoles, it has been able to attract gamers. Given the popularity of the service, it is not far-fetched that Sony would like to offer a similar service to PlayStation users, and it is said that the company has begun work on a rival to the Xbox Game Pass.

Videogames Chronicle quotes David Jeffy, a former senior PlayStation developer, as saying that Sony is working on a service similar to the Xbox Game Pass. Jeffy apparently heard from sources inside Sony’s PlayStation division that the company has plans to respond to Microsoft’s popular service. Previously, it was thought that Sony had no plans to compete with the Xbox Game Pas, but it seems to be quite the opposite.

Of course, maybe Sony executives’ decision has changed and their view of the after-game service has changed. However, Sony spends a lot of money on its proprietary games, and offering them in the form of a shared service such as a game cannot be materially justified, and it remains to be seen what the company’s executives will ultimately think of.

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According to Jeffy sources, a game-like service is being considered for the PlayStation, but it may be different from what users expect. PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan has previously said that there will be no similar service, but at the same time, he has stated that Sony will have an answer for Microsoft service.

In any case, the only credible source who has mentioned the matter so far is David Jeffy, and Sony officials have not disclosed any details of their possible shared service. Therefore, it is currently difficult to say whether PlayStation users will experience a similar service on their console in the near future; all that can be said is that Sony is preparing a response to Microsoft’s gameplay. The answer was not given at all with the PlayStation Now service, and the company needs to make a stronger strategic move.

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