New Xbox surpassing PlayStation 5 and Switch in the UK


New Xbox surpassing PlayStation 5 and Switch in the UK

According to a report on console sales in the UK, it looks like Microsoft has started 2021 with two powerful ninth generation consoles.

With the release of the Xbox X Series, Xbox S Series and PlayStation 5 consoles in the last months of 2020, there has been some tough competition in terms of sales. A few days ago, Sony reported a sale of 4.5 million PlayStation 5 devices, and later in another report, it was revealed that the new Xboxes are not far behind the sales of Sony consoles. Now, according to a report by editor Christopher Dring, the Xbox X / S seems to be having a great time in the UK.

According to Dring, total sales of the Xbox X Series and Xbox S Series in the UK in January 2021 exceeded sales of the PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch, bringing Microsoft’s ninth-generation consoles to the top of the UK console sales chart. They were in this month.

Interestingly, the competition between consoles in the UK seems to be in full swing, and with the Xbox winning in January 2021, we saw three leaders from last three months; PlayStation 5 in November 2020 and Switch in December 2020.

The brilliant performance of the new Xboxes in the UK could be due to their higher market share than competitors, Microsoft’s particular focus on the region, or even just more buyers’ desire for Microsoft consoles.

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