Game Resident Evil Village Review

Game Resident Evil Village Review

Game Resident Evil Village Review

One of the most popular franchises of all time is the Resident Evil game series, which has undergone major changes in recent years. The latest version of this game, Resident Evil 8, or Resident Evil 8 Village, has just been released, and for this reason, we intend to review the game Resident Evil Village.

Resident Evil 8 begins abruptly and shockingly; The daughter of Eaton (pronounced: Ethan) and Mia, named Rosemary, was abducted by Chris Redfield and his team and taken to a village. Now you, as a conscientious father, must return your daughter at any cost! The Resident Evil series of games has undergone major and positive changes over the last few years, which was a big risk for the developers, but the fans welcomed these changes with great enthusiasm. Resident Evil 6, which was the complete downfall of the series, wasted all its extraordinary storytelling potential by shifting the game space from fear and survival to pure action. It was after the protests against that version that Capcom decided to take a big risk and guarantee the success of this series for another decade!

On the other hand, we had the remastered versions of Resident Evil 2 and 3, where the production team revived the best memories of the distant years with their flawless redesign, and on the other hand, a new path for Resident Evil 7 onwards can be figured out. Mentioned the title “magnificent path”; The trilogy we are not done with yet. In this article, join us by reviewing and reviewing the Resident Evil Village game.

Resident Evil Village Game Review | Stories and characters

In the Resident Evil 8 game, the village is ruled by four different mutant lords, each controlling their forces from the castles inside the village. Lady Alcina Dimitrescu, an unusual tall, vampire aristocrat with her three daughters, Bela, Cassandra, and Daniela, resides in the castle of Dimitrescu, and all the maids of the castle are all female. Have turned into mutated creatures. An illusion-inducing ghost with a ghostly appearance, Donna Beneviento rules her mansion, House Beneviento, and does her job by controlling Angie, a puppet.

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A strange, ridiculous, and ugly creature named Salvatore Moreau continues to operate from a water reservoir near the village and is described as a “sea man” (mermaid male!). Karl Heisenberg, the brother of Lady Dimitresco, who can control the magnetic fields around him, leads a group of Soldat simulacra from a modern factory. All of these people are accountable to the leader of the sect, Mother Miranda, who rules the village and is worshiped by the villagers because of his special activities in the past.

The main attraction and complexity of the story in the critique of Resident Evil 8 game goes back to the issue of what is the purpose of these people, what role does Chris Redfield play in this story and why the body of Ethan Winters is safe from all kinds of injuries! An issue we saw in Resident Evil 7 that may remain unanswered for many.

Game Resident Evil Village Review

Review of Resident Evil 8 game Environment design

During the review of Resident Evil Village game, it was never directly mentioned where this mysterious village is located; But a few clues show that the story takes place somewhere in the mountainous parts of Romania.

The village is a scattered complex of wooden and brick houses, farms and numerous churches. Above it, a mysterious castle is hidden in the fog and around the ancient signs can be seen that tell of long and strange historical events. This village is a magnificent place that you would like to explore meter by meter and of course you can be sure that a good reward is hidden for you in the corners of this village.

Resident Evil 8 Game Review | Gameplay design and enemies

In Resident Evil Village gameplay reviews, the sense of horror is more immediate. While Resident Evil 7 had an enemy of mud and sludge, Resident Evil 8 has a collection of terrifying creatures called Lycans. These wild creatures come in many forms and you have to change your tactics regularly to fight them. The standard Lycan model is not very powerful, but it is agile and milling and can suddenly jump towards you from a distance and climb over walls and ladders.

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Resident Evil Village Game Review | Conclusion

In reviewing Resident Evil 8, you may feel that ten to twelve horror games are combined; But the power and variety of its ideas, the quality of its artistic design and its dark atmosphere are very satisfying. Resident Evil Village is a bold horror game with an experienced team, but at the same time it has come close to the glory of the past; Especially to Resident Evil 4. Many innovations of Master Shinji Mikami can be seen in this game; From the “merchant” to the weapons upgrade system, the rural environment and the villagers who have gone crazy.

But in the end, Resident Evil 8 has its own identity, and the features borrowed from older games do not in any way describe all of its features. Resident Evil 8 is a quality horror game, and the development team has proven that after 25 years, it still has the ability to scare, shock and surprise its audience.

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