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Buying a Gaming Mouse

Like everyone else, you probably do not pay much attention to the mouse when you think about the equipment needed to upgrade your computer. To most people, all mice are the same, but it should be noted that this view is not entirely correct! The mouse is one of the most widely used pieces of hardware for your PC, which requires special attention when buying. In fact, choosing the right quality models will help you improve your performance while playing or working! In addition, such a choice can minimize damage to the wrists and fingers. With regard to these cases, in this shopping guide, we will have a detailed look at the types of mice available in the market, and besides that, we will provide you with 6 golden factors for a safe choice.

Types of mice available in the market

For most users, mice with three standard buttons (the scroll wheel button acts as the third button!) Are useful. At the same time, using the mouse for certain tasks, which we will mention below, requires careful consideration in purchasing in order to select the appropriate model.

Gaming Mice

All gamers are advised to always invest in buying a special mouse for gaming. Although choosing a mouse does not make you a better player, it does make playing much easier. In general, the best gaming mice should have ergonomic advantages so that they can be used more easily during long gaming. It should be noted that professional gaming mice come with special sensors that greatly help to improve a person’s performance.

Another important point when buying a gaming mouse is that the buttons of this product model are configured to be suitable for repetitive tasks. In fact, with a simple click (you can map several buttons on the keyboard to one button on the mouse) you can change the cartridge or use the first aid kit.

Many gaming mice have additional buttons called DPIs. DPI stands for “Dots per inch”. This term is a measure of the overall sensitivity of the mouse, meaning that the higher the DPI of the mouse, the faster (smoother and more accurate) the mouse pointer can move, in which case more work can be done with fewer finger movements.

Travel Mice

Other models of this type of product are portable or traveling mice. Because the design and structure of these products are small and compact, most of them have only two or three standard buttons. In addition, most travel models are wireless, although some models use short or retractable wires. It should be noted that travel mice are not very expensive and if you get lost, you can easily replace it.

The main thing about buying a travel mouse is its ability to fit in a cramped space, such as a laptop bag, but you should know that unfortunately most of these devices are not designed with ergonomics in mind. In general, travel mice are an ideal option for people who are constantly traveling, but are not very suitable for long-term use.

Buying a Gaming Mouse

Ergonomically designed mice for graphic designers

Ergonomic mice are designed to fit more naturally in your hand and reduce a significant amount of pressure on your fingers and wrists. These items also make your job easier with the available buttons.

Of course, how comfortable you are at work depends on many circumstances; One of these is the type of mouse grip. In fact, some users like to keep their fingers straight when working with the mouse, while others prefer the fork-like position of the fingers. Remember that product size is an important factor in comfort, and many mice are available in both right-handed and left-handed versions. As a result, if you’re looking for an ergonomic mouse, it’s a good idea to shop in person and test a few mice first. It should be noted that vertical mice are a special type of ergonomic mice that are also very comfortable.

Basic Tips to Know Before Buying a Mouse

Now that you are familiar with the main options available in the market, it is better to have 6 practical tips for making an informed purchase with you, so that you do not have to replace your mouse very soon.

  1. A higher DPI does not always mean a better product

If you take a look at the various ads, you will notice that one of the main characteristics of a mouse ad, especially for gaming models, is its DPI. As mentioned earlier, the DPI of the product indicates how much the mouse pointer moves per inch of physical movement of the mouse itself.

For example, consider a 4K display with a width of 3840 pixels. To move the mouse pointer from the left edge of the screen to the right, you need to drag a mouse with a DPI of about 400 about 10 inches (25 cm) on the table. While with a mouse with a DPI of about 3000, you only need to move the device about one and a half inches (3.81 cm).

But you should know that higher technical specifications do not always mean better choices. It is true that DPI indicates how fast the mouse pointer moves, but being faster is not always the case. In this regard, you need to remember the following:

Most regular users do not need to worry about DPI at all.

High-DPI mice are ideal for high-resolution displays or using multiple monitors simultaneously, as they allow you to navigate through different parts of the display faster.

As mentioned earlier, the high DPI in the game allows you to act and react faster. While less DPI gives you more control and accuracy. Therefore, it is recommended that gamers provide DPI-adjustable mice.

For Photoshop or other graphics cards that require high precision, models with lower DPIs may be a better choice.

  1. Buy the mouse silently

Another factor that is often overlooked is the amount of mouse noise. When you are working on it for a long time, most mice make a non-stop clicking sound, in which case even if such sounds do not bother you, they may cause a lot of trouble to others. To solve such a problem, silent options can be a solution.

  1. Pay attention to the polling rate

Another key feature in mice is the polling rate. In general, this factor is measured in hertz (Hz) in mice, especially gaming models, and indicates how often and how often (at any given time interval) the mouse reports its position to the system. It should be noted that a higher number means more accuracy and smoother mouse movement.

  1. Wireless mice are well worth buying today

Wireless mice may not have performed as well in the past 10 years or so, but today these models are highly competitive with their wired counterparts, and their advantages outweigh their disadvantages! Of course, gamers may still prefer the compatibility and reliable capabilities of the wired option. But you should know that most ordinary users, if they choose the right model, can use it for many years.

  1. Bluetooth mice are practical options among wireless models

When buying a wireless mouse, your choice is basically limited to radio frequency (RF) and Bluetooth models. In general, the response speed of RF mice may be slightly higher than that of Bluetooth models, and they are also much easier to set up (the dongle or wireless mouse interface is easily inserted into the USB port).

The downside of these mice is that the dongle (the mouse interface that connects the computer to the mouse) interferes with one of the USB ports, and if it gets lost, it is almost impossible for you to find and buy a replacement. RF mice are also more prone to radio interference with other environmental equipment.

Buying a Gaming Mouse

Gaming mouse features

Price, price and style are probably the most important factors in choosing the right gaming mouse. But there are still many features that are important to some users. These include topics related to aesthetics and additional capabilities.


Lighting is a feature that takes a short time to come to work. Many gaming consoles these days use Full RGB lighting, and many users love this feature.


The weight of the gaming mouse influences your experience of your favorite works. Most manufacturers try to offer these products in perfectly accurate and calculated weights. Because whether the mouse is light or too heavy, it will have a negative effect on your gaming process.

Laser sensors or optical sensors?

Most gamers competing in international tournaments usually use muses equipped with optical sensors. But if you are a regular user, I assure you that both of these options will work for you equally. Especially if these products have good mobility on surfaces.

How to connect

How to connect is very important when you have a variety of products from a particular brand. Logitech, Razer, SteelSeries and Roccat all offer their own systems and software. This means that if you have a mouse, keyboard, headset, mobile app or anything else from a certain brand, you will have a better experience than video games.

The best-selling gaming mouse models

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