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Monster Jam Steel Titans game for PC

Monster Jam Steel Titans

Play the dramatic movements of giant cars

Monster Jam Steel Titans is a new game in the style of car games series made in 2019 by THQ Nordic and released for PC. This game is an exciting and fascinating experience of competing vehicles that are visually different from other ordinary cars! These cars’ tires are significantly larger than the tires of a car or a personal car and more like a truck’s wheels! This class of cars is mainly used to perform dramatic movements. In this play, you will have the chance to take part in these competitions!

These competitions take place in unique environments and using special classes of these vehicles. The producers of this play have done their best to make the result the same as this competition’s real events. In this play, you will perform the role of the driver of one of these monster cars. There are 25 different skill paths for you to compete with other drivers.

The game’s main challenges are overcoming obstacles, jumping over sloping surfaces, and showing dramatic movements to attract the attention of the audience, which we hope you enjoy.

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