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Aground is a game about our survival. The only way for man to achieve a bright future is to go back to the stars and confront them. To succeed in the game, you will need the genius and help of other characters in the game, and you will have to regain what you lost. Such a process may not be easy for you, but it is the only way for humanity to survive. The game is followed in constructing and mining. We will have a goal, story, and reason to construct in the game and continually build different structures. You will encounter various NPCs that provide you with many new technologies, of which even magic is a part. You can raise dragons and find a way to reach space. The sky has no limits for you, and you can, in its simplest form, dive deep into the atmosphere and use it to get the stars.

You can experience Aground with Discord and talk to your friends. The game starts in simple terms, and then the game world expands. This process is because each player starts to build his or her world, and little by little, we will face something much bigger. Every player can go through many features and tasks. You can get ore and get the necessary resources for your construction. There are different structures, and each of them gives you a task to reach the sky.

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