according to the Joy-Con modders who went popular on TikTok

according to the Joy-Con modders who went popular on TikTok

Animal Crossing: New Horizons, according to the Joy-Con modders who went popular on TikTok, was a factor in their success

Thanks to one high-profile modification, a Joy-Con and console modifying business that started in obscurity now has over 122.9K followers on TikTok. Anna and Luan or ‘cirtuspair,’ who went viral on TikTok for giving an Animal Crossing: New Horizons Joy-Con makeover, think the success of their company was due to a mix of Nintendo’s 2020 release and lockdown.

Returning to old hobbies

With the bulk of them being indoors owing to lockdowns, many of them have gone back to old hobbies or begun new ones. With its spectacular debut, they believe ACNH has exhibited this, and they feel that they have directly benefitted from its success.

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More than 8 million viewers!

Citruspair’s TikTok account exemplifies this, with the aforementioned Animal Crossing Joy-Con modification video now having received over eight million views. The two begin by rehousing the controllers with a new casing, as well as replacing parts like the plastic slider rail, analog sticks, and switching the original plastic locks for sturdier metal ones. In their TikTok videos, they show off all of this.

An extra perk

Citruspair’s modified Joy-Cons come with an extra perk, which sets Anna and Luan’s business apart from others doing similar things. they also solder additional SMD LEDs on the SL/SR flex cable to complete the appearance of the Joy-Con and allow the Joy-Con to display its physical colors in-game using ‘jc toolkit, Anna adds. As a consequence, games like Ring Fit Adventure and Pokemon Sword and Shield are able to recognize the different colored Joy-Cons.

Like the dreamcast!

The entire procedure takes about 3-4 hours each pair of Joy-Cons, leaving Anna and Luan with little time to do anything else. Apart from the occasional console tweak that also appears on their TikTok, that is. they really work primarily on sixth-generation game systems like the Dreamcast […] there is a lot of other stuff in the works for consoles such the GameBoy Advance which we are planning material around, they said when asked whether they have plans to do this for any other platforms in the future.

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Available for PS4 and PS5

Citruspair also has an Etsy site where you can get modified Joy-Cons, DIY modding kits, and customised thumb grips for not just the Nintendo Switch, but also the PS4, PS5, and Xbox One controllers.on

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