Tips and tricks for Call of Duty Mobile

Tips and tricks for Call of Duty Mobile

Tips and tricks for Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile is a combination of multiplayer, multiplayer, and Battle Royale gameplay skills. But if you are a newcomer, you have to work hard to get a Winner. For this reason, in this section, we decided to teach the game Call of Duty Mobile. We chose the tips so that even professional gamers can use them.

Before starting the game

Disable all background notifications and apps:

If you have Game Mode on your phone, be sure to enable it. So disable notifications and close background apps; By closing the applications, all the CPU power is spent on running the game and you will have a better experience.

Connect your headphones to your phone:

Call of Duty game music is fantastic. In addition, it makes you hear the sounds of your surroundings well. Using headphones or handsfree, you can easily hear the footsteps of enemies, the sound of sniper fire and و and identify the relative location of the opponent. This move is for professional gamers! But if you do not have headphones, turn up the volume to the end.

Increase the screen brightness to the end:

If you do not see the opponent, you can not shoot! As a result, the brighter the screen, the better your vision. Increase the screen brightness to the end, turn off the auto light, and make sure the night mode or blue light filter is off.

Attach the PlayStation or Xbox controller to the phone:

One of the important points that we mention in the discussion of Call of Duty training is the discussion of the game controller. You can connect a PlayStation or Xbox controller to your smartphone. Of course, keep in mind that you will fall into a map with players who play with the controller, so do not be too happy! To pair the controller, first go to Bluetooth and select the device; Then go to settings on the controller and manipulate its settings.

Call of Duty Mobile game has two general game modes:

multiplayer and Battle this article, we will refer to the tricks of call of duty.

Learn the multiplayer mode of Call of Duty Mobile game

Tips and tricks for Call of Duty Mobile

There are a variety of weapons in Call of Duty Mobile that you can collect and skin and many more. You can also choose your weapon combination before the game.

Earn XP to unlock more combinations:

The more you play, the more XP you get and the higher your level. With XP you can open more combinations for your account. You will be able to have 5 different loadouts – each with a main weapon, a secondary weapon, a grenade -, operator skills and three different perks for your account. As a result, you will be ready for any combination map.

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Be careful when choosing a weapon:

You start the game by combining the weapons you choose. The composition of the weapon also varies depending on the map and the type of game. For example, SMG weapons are for maps such as Killhouse, Hijacked and Nuketown because these maps are relatively small. Or long-range weapons are better for maps like Crossfire. Having more combinations means you can change your weapons in the middle of the match, depending on the battle situation.

Call of Duty Mobile Training

Tips and tricks for Call of Duty Mobile

Upgrade your weapons:

Rewards can include weapons upgrade cards, and you can use these cards to add a camera to your weapon, for example, or increase the length of the barrel, or… in the weapon specifications section, you can see its strength and progress. see that. This is where knowing the gun comes in handy.

Always be on the move on the map:

Since you can not hide, it does not make sense to stay still at one point! Always be on the move on the map so that opponents can not aim at you. One of the great tricks is to go left and right like a crab to avoid being shot. If you run out of ammunition, get a cover, change the barrel and shoot again.

Use the Slide:

When running, you can slide by touching the Slide button and take refuge behind an object. Certainly such enemies can hardly shoot you.

Use your grenades:

Using grenades is not easy when the conflict escalates. However, you can use it to start the battle and shoot. In maps like Killhouse and Nuketown, you can throw grenades to scare your enemies and get them out of cover. Just be careful not to let the grenade explode in your hand or explode it!

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Learn to use scorestreak:

scorestreak is a very powerful feature. There are 3 vacancies in the scorestreak that you can fill with weapons such as a fighter drone or a VTOL aircraft – which ends the game itself! – fill. Some of these tools work with AI (artificial intelligence) and some you can control yourself. For example, you must manually specify the landing point of the predator missile. Or you can put the sentry gun somewhere, go yourself and wait for the sweet points to kill your enemies! To use scorestreak warfare, you have to infect your hands and kill a lot!

Destroy rival scorestreak planes:

stealth chopper and VTOL have the ability to destroy your entire team, but do not worry because you can target them. Take an LMG and empty all its arrows on the planes. Of course, if you have the skill of Sparrow (with an explosive bullet), you can destroy it by shooting 7-8 bullets. However, let’s not forget that our lovely FHJ-18 locks on to the target and completes the VTOL with a missile!


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