The best iPhone 2021 car games and racing games

The best 2021 iPhone car game and racing game

able Top Racing: World Tour

 In this section, we have prepared a list of the best iPhone car game and racing game in 2021 for you. Some of these iOS games have been recognized as the best iOS games and mobile games and have been nominated for numerous awards.

List of the best iPhone and iPad 2021 driving game 

Table Top Racing: World Tour

Table Top Racing: World Tour is more or less a combination of Micro Cars and Mario Kart. In this game, you race with other milling cars, fast and miniature cars, and pass through table bases, food and other household items and maneuver. It top racing game is one of the best iPhone 2021 car games and racing games you can play.

Driving is easy because Table Top Racing: World Tour is an arcade game, not a real driving simulator. That’s why the gameplay is not so difficult (of course, it is really difficult to win!) By participating in several different races, you realize that your car has problems and defects and you have to go to the garage!

The best iPhone 2021 car games and racing games

At the moment, most iPhone car games are paid, but World Tour is worth the cost and not too expensive. In the game, you can collect coins by winning competitions and upgrade your car with those coins.

That’s why the gameplay does not get boring and is always exciting and attractive. You can also play this multiplayer game. Because of these features and good graphics and great soundtrack, it can be said that this game is one of the best iPhone racing games and speed lovers will enjoy it.

Street Kart Racing

Street Kart Racing is different from regular iOS racing games, Android, console and PC. The characters in these games are usually cartoons and the game is full of screaming colors and glamorous graphics. But Street Kart Racing is not like that. With Street Kart Racing you can feel the real speed of 80 km – when you are one inch away from the ground.

The best iPhone 2021 car games and racing games

If we do not consider its specific settings – no assists; no excuses – The gameplay of this game can be learned after a relatively short time. This iPhone driving game has a really good guidance. The game first teaches you the basics of karting; By learning these tips, you can become a skilled karting driver and work on your racing skills.

After completing the training process, a world of karting competitions will open for you and you can compete with artificial intelligence. But then the battle of humans begins! The routes are very diverse; From professional tracks to illegal urban tracks, everything can be experienced in this game. Street Kart Racing is real and original, but more importantly, it is interesting and exciting.

Rush Rally 3

Rush Rally 3 is a strong reason why racing simulators should not be limited to PCs and consoles. With this game, you will have a very attractive and complete experience of real competitions. You can skip turns at an astonishing speed when your guide yells the right direction in your corner (!) And record less time than your competitors.

Rush Rally 3 is great in terms of graphics. Its frame rate is 60fps and you can rally with other competitors in all climates and different weather conditions. The gameplay is also good. The cars look a little heavy, but they are easy to steer. In addition, you can manipulate the game settings so that all actions (such as gear) are automatically deactivated and you can control it manually.

Of course, something rare happened in our study; The car was suddenly thrown into the air. But other than that, we did not see any other bugs. In general, Rush Rally 3 is a console racing game for mobile. It becomes one of the best iPhone 2021 car games and racing games.

Reckless Racing 3

Reckless Racing 3 includes scrapping cars that fight in crowded fields. Maps of the original version of the game were maps of shopping malls and abandoned places, but Reckless Racing 3 takes you to a village in Europe, airport parking, nuclear site, and more.

Driving seems a bit unrealistic, but racing is full of collisions and accidents. If you are tired of the normal modes of this game, you can try gymkhana mode. In this game mode, your skill and accuracy in driving and drifting will be tested.

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Grid Autosport

Undoubtedly, Autosport is the best iPhone car game. The quality of Grid Autosport game is at the level of console and PC. It is no exaggeration to say that the AutoSports Grid is a combination of all PS3 and PC gaming. You can have all these games in very good quality on your iPhone. why not!

Pigeon Wings

Pigeon Wings is a 2D racing game in which the drivers of the cars are big-eyed pigeons racing on small planets! The story of the game is that a criminal intends to destroy a city with a giant flying castle. Our fluffy birds compete with each other so that everyone is the first to stop him!

The game always revolves around racing and fighting. During the race, you go up and down, shaking your iPhone in the air and upgrade your car equipment with various in-game prizes.


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