Road 96 game review

Making your way along Road 96 brings you down a series of roads with substantially great stakes. This narrative-based adventure combines a Telltale Games-style approach to decision and consequences with the randomly generated repeat runs of a roguelike, resulting in a generally coherent and continuously fascinating trip to its end destination. Here is Road 96 game review.

Game story

It’s a journey that succeeds partly because of the attractiveness of a recurring cast of major individuals you encounter as you drive north in an attempt to cross the border and leave the imaginary country of Petria. Petria, set in the 1990s but clearly inspired by Trump’s America, is a divided nation, and the characters you encounter represent diverse places on the political spectrum.

Threatening moments in Road 96

They vary from a comically vacuous right-wing journalist to a computer hacker anarchist to a Travis Bickle-esque nihilist, the latter of whom provides the most threatening moments in Road 96 as you try to talk your way out of a number of boiling situations at gunpoint.

On the road again

Each voyage to the Petrian border can take up to an hour and can result in your successful escape from the nation, but it can also end in arrest or even death at any point along the road, depending on your choices. Whatever happens at the conclusion of your run, you start over as another nameless member of the disenfranchised young, taking consecutive attempts at freedom as the days and months roll down to Road 96’s climax: the Petrian presidential election.

The setup is as follows

 Adolescents across the country are attempting to flee across the northern border, and you will play as many of them as you can throughout your game. You must travel there with a life meter to manage and only a few cash to your name. The folks that pick you up are consistent across all runs, and this is where the game’s deeper storylines are told. You’ll meet a cop who is battling to maintain a connection with her adoptive kid, two bandits on the lookout for a possible murderer, and eventually the alleged murderer.


Aside from a little bit of texture pop-in, Road 96 has a very strong visual aesthetic that makes it a joy to look at. Beautiful surroundings and backdrop vistas complement the striking character painting, which enunciates face characteristics. The game has an exceptionally powerful style, along with a fantastic music. When the folks you encounter along the route are just as memorable in their talks and political and social convictions, Road 96 succeeds in weaving several stories through the lives of teenagers who just want to get away.

Dialogue option

The main mode of involvement is dialogue, with several minigames providing delightful distractions along the way. You’ll discover more about the characters and improve your chances of survival by using cunning, knowledge, and a few perks gained via growth. Road 96 may appear simple, but it is a lot of fun most of the time.

Minimum System Requirements

  • CPU: Intel Core i5-4460 or equivalent
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • OS: Windows 7 / 10
  • VIDEO CARD: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 or equivalent


Road 96 is a fascinating and frequently stressful experience full of quirky individuals and offbeat diversions that made each journey seem distinct and well enjoyable. A few graphical and interface flaws, as well as the occasional disconnect between story sequences, provide some unwanted distractions, but I found them easy to overlook in favor of the many entertaining surprises I discovered along the way – sort of like cranking up my favorite radio station to drown out the bickering of kids in the backseat.

Road 96 (Nintendo Switch)

Road 96 (Nintendo Switch) is an insanely lovely road trip. On your unique journey to freedom, you will find intriguing places and unusual individuals. A constantly changing story-driven journey inspired by Tarantino, the Coen brothers, and Bong Joon-ho Made by the award-winning creators of brave hearts and recounted memories.

Action and adventure

Action and adventure, meditative sorrow, human contacts, and bizarre events are all featured. Set amid a backdrop of injustice and totalitarian control. A magnificent graphic design, a soundtrack full of 90s tunes, and dozens of paths across the game combine to allow each player to tell their own story on Road 96.

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