Review of Halo: Reach (part1)

Halo Reach

A loyal and dignified squad

The story of Halo Reach goes back to before the first version, Halo: Combat Evolved. There is no news of Mr. Chief, Alien Covenant forces invading Rich and captured half of the planet. The story revolves around the Noble 6 character. A Noble member replaced you after you will dead and embarked on an epic journey to save humanity.

The game has a good rhythm from the beginning and does not intend to waste your time in any way. From the very beginning, you enter the battle and fight bravely until the last moment to save the innocent’s lives. After the end of the story and the experience of Noble’s bravery, your cheeks will probably host a few tears. This epic tragedy is the best reason for those who have not yet been able to experience the Halo series for any reason. However, the re-experience of this game for old Halo lovers will not be without grace and will bring back happy memories. You can also experience the story part of the game in multiplayer with your friends.

When I first ran the game, the music on the game menu made me drop the controller for a few minutes and prepare my soul for the flight. The game’s soundtrack is excellent and in tune with the game’s epic theme. The pieces of music are very real, and one is better than the other is. Listen to only half of Ashes from the game’s music album to better understand the magic of music. These masterpiece pieces alone can be your reason for experiencing this game and the whole series on a larger scale.

Aside from the excellent game soundtrack, the soundtrack also works well. This section’s game development team has also done its best to improve your shooting and killing experience. The voice artists also performed a very great job, and there is no problem in this regard.

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