Pokemon Go game review

Pokemon Go game review

Pokemon Go game review

What is Pokemon Go Game?

Pokémon Go is an Augmented Reality (AR) mobile game from 2016, developed.  Pokemon Go Mobile Game was released by Niantic in collaboration with Nintendo and The Pokémon Company for Android and iPhone phones. The app uses GPS mobile devices to find, capture, train and battle virtual creatures called Pokémon that appear to be in the player’s actual location. The game is free and uses a freemium business model with internal ads. Pokémon Go also supports in-app purchases for in-game extras. The game started with about 150 species of Pokémon, which increased to about 600 species by 2020.

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Pokemon Go game review and critism

Different opinions were published regarding the review of Pokémon Go game; Critics praised the overall concept of Pokemon Go but criticized its technical problems. This title was one of the most widely used and most profitable mobile applications in 2016, and the number of downloads of Pokémon Go for iPhone and Android reached more than 500 million times by the end of that year. The game gained a lot of prestige due to the use of new augmented reality technology and encouragement to perform physical movements. However, it caused controversy due to its involvement in accidents and public harassment. Various governments have expressed concern about security breaches, and some countries have banned their use in their own countries.

Pokemon Go game review

Pokemon Go mobile  game’s gameplay

In this section of Pokemon Go game review, we will tell you how to play Pokémon Go.

After creating an account in the Pokémon Go mobile game, the player can select the avatar he wants and customize it. Once created, the avatar will appear on a map based on the player’s geographical location. Features of this map include “PokéStops” and “Pokémon Gym”. At PokéStops you can get Pokémon Go game items like Lure Modules to help you find the location of rare and wild Pokémon. Pokémon Gyms is also the site of group battles. These two places are mostly located in the most visited and visited places around you.

In connection with the study of the Android game Pokémon Go, sometimes these two places were located in places where the military position of the countries was endangered. One of the reasons some countries ordered the ban on Pokemon Go mobile game augmented reality games was that it forced players to approach military bases.

How to collect Pokémon in the Android game Pokémon Go

Unlike the rest of the Pokémon series, Pokemon Go players do not go to war with the Wild Pokémon to capture them. When dealing with a wild Pokémon, the player can throw a Poké Ball at the Pokémon by dragging and dropping from the bottom of the screen. If Pokémon is captured, it becomes the property of the player. Success factors in getting a Pokémon include the Pokémon model, the exact timing and the type of Poké Ball.

Pokemon Go game review

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Add a guide to Pokémon Go Game Review

As a guide to Pokémon Go, after taking a wild Pokémon, the player is given two types of in-game currency: Candies and Stardust. The slowness attributed to a player through a successful catch depends on which evolutionary chain a Pokémon belongs to. A player can use Stardust and Candies to raise the level of a Pokémon and Combat Power (CP). However, you only need Candies to evolve a Pokémon, except for some Pokémon who may need certain items. Each Pokémon evolution tree requires its own type of Candies that can only be used to evolve or level up. The maximum level at which a player can upgrade their Pokémon was initially 40, but increased on 50 from November 30, 2020.

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