MotoGP 22 Game Review

MotoGP, an annual competition, is famed for hammering out the kinks of flinging high-powered motorcycles around a course. This year’s game has made a special attempt to be more approachable to newbies, with several tutorials explaining how things function. Here is MotoGP 22 Game Review.

Game story

MotoGP 22 covers the official season of MotoGP racing in 2022, complete with all of the most recent team and rider lineups. Aside from MotoGP, players may try their hand at junior formats in MotoGP 2 and MotoGP 3, as well as relive a memorable season in MotoGP history with the Season 2009 game option. The game was already looking good in the preview build shown in a MotoGP 22 preview, and thankfully that quality has carried over to the final release.

Amazing Gameplay

It is hardly an exaggeration to suggest that the capabilities of the next-generation consoles are breathtaking. MotoGP 22 on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X is really fantastic. MotoGP 22 is available in full 4K resolution and 60 frames per second on both consoles, as well as gaming PCs if yours is strong enough. These images are especially noticeable while playing at night at circuits like Losail.

Three racing categories

As always, all three racing categories are present, accurate, and magnificent in the 2022 liveries. And, as always, this adds complexity to its career mode that not even Codies’ F1 games can equal. As a newbie in Moto3, I had to navigate a sea of prodigious Spanish youngsters on lithe, forgiving 250cc motorcycles.


Getting the green light from a Moto2 team, experiencing the greater weight and power of the larger motorcycles, and brushing leathers with Lowes, Acosta, and Canet. Moving up to the elite class and feeling like you earned it, as if there’s a backstory to how you got here. Even with the introduction of the 2009 season playable documentary this year, it remains the series’ most compelling draw.

Particularly satisfying

Meanwhile, mastering the motorcycles is becoming a bit simpler. Last year’s title strayed so far into extreme sim territory that I was still outbraking myself months later, tucking the front and wiggling around in braking zones like those inflatable figures they put outside car dealerships. The process of separately drawing both front and rear brakes while regulating the rider’s weight and gradually tipping in enough lean angle to meet the apex looked to need more delicacy than two human hands plus a joystick enabled.

Competitive AI

The AI in the MotoGP game is something we’re delighted has remained consistent. Since the introduction of Neural AI in MotoGP 19, it has been upgraded year after year. The use of neural AI ensures that the computer-controlled motorcycles in MotoGP behave like people rather than machines. That may appear to be an easy task, but it is not. Most motorcycle games suffer with this, but happily, MotoGP game is not one of them.

Graphic and footage

It never occurs to you to bypass a cutscene and get directly to the task since Neale’s delivery and film selections communicate so much context and emotion from the time. It doesn’t matter that the tasks are so simple, with the goals always centred on either overtaking or gapping opponents. You’re right there in the middle of the pack, listening to a vintage inline four scream its guts out and hunting for a space between Rossi’s knee and the apex.


So, taking everything into account, is MotoGP 22 the finest motorcycling game ever created? When all is said and done, this is the greatest MotoGP game we’ve seen from Milestone. Every component of the game has been upgraded or maintained from MotoGP 21.

MotoGP 20

MotoGP 20 marks the triumphant return of the managing career mode with a slew of new features. Even more realistic graphics, incredible gameplay enhancements, a completely new method to encounter historical challenges, and all the delights of the Official Season 2020 await you! With the managerial career mode, you may build your squad and control every element of it.

Official 2020 Team

One of the franchise’s most treasured aspects has returned! Choose between joining an Official 2020 Team and partnering with the official riders or starting a new team on the suggestion of your management! A whole entourage awaits your arrival on the route to greatness! Enjoy a game designed with the community in mind!

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