Hidden City: Hidden Object Adventure

Hidden Object Adventure

Fascinating game Hidden City: the key of Shadows for Android

Hidden City: Hidden Object Adventure is one among the most effective and most extended adventure games. This game has been released at no cost download on Google Play with its great items and features. The game will be run in additional than 1000 missions to go to different environments and places and revel in the game and its beautiful surroundings while you are playing the game. This game is meant by G5 Entertainment game development studio, which has collected over 400,000 comments on Google Play. You can play this game offline.


Play in over 30 exciting locations

Over 2300 awesome and fun missions

It consists of 322 sets of pieces within the game.

Meet 22 distinctive and essential characters of the game

Confront 14 different monsters

Ability to play together with your friends

Constant updating of the game with new mirrors

Support for Google Play services

Compatible with a range of phones and tablets

Introducing the game Hidden City: Hidden Object Adventure

The game begins in an exceedingly city where nobody knows whether it is fantasy or reality. By entering the spectacular environments of the game, you will be able to start your missions. Within the game missions, you will encounter various monsters that are difficult to fight. The game’s small and massive puzzles will cause you to you may be entertained for days on end. Hidden City game has dozens of hidden sections that you just can access by completing missions and circulating in numerous environments. This game does not require any data.

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