Game Beach Buggy Racing

Beach Buggy Racing

An exciting competition in the beach

These days, games are offered in new styles. If you are an old gamer, you may be familiar with games like War Machine that existed earlier on the PlayStation 1 console. In this game, which was quite similar to car and racing games, you should not race! You should have focused on attacking other cars! This strange style of the game caused it to find many fans later and at least for the sake of variety, many users came to such games.


  1. Has attractive and acceptable graphics
  2. Exciting style of the game about karting competitions
  3. It has an educational section.
  4. Has different control modes
  5. Ability to purchase and upgrade
  6. Ability to use weapons, tools and… in the game like firing a rocket
  7. Ability to run the game in multiplayer with Split Screen feature for tablets
  8. It has a Career section with the ability to release more features.

Introducing Beach Buggy Racing

In the early generation of these games, game developers only worked on machine warfare, and there was no competition news. However, after a while, the series of crash games entered the world of games. In the car crash version, you have to compete with others in a race field and use different weapons to slow down the rivals. Crash standardized this style of games and caused many other companies to use it even in their graphic and bulky games, such as Blur.

Beach Buggy Racing game, released after Beach Buggy Blitz’s success, is a fun and racing game. The style of play is the same. In Beach Buggy Racing, in addition to driving carefully and not hitting obstacles, you must use the weapons you acquire along the way to slow down your opponents. These weapons can be tracking or hand-held missiles or oils to slip your competitors or armor to protect you from attack by rival missiles. There are a total of 25 weapons or so-called PowerUps in the game. Beach Buggy Racing game has 12 different stages in different parts of an archipelago.

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