Forza Street

Forza Street

Forza Street

Excellent and popular “Forza Street” game for Android

Forza Street is the name of the first game made for Android phones and tablets from the famous and revolutionary Forza series of games (As the first free game from the Forza series) for Android devices. As you probably know, the popular Forza series of games, which entered the video game world in 2005, is part of Microsoft’s proprietary game series. Of course, in recent years, the developers and creators of this game have been various studios. Still, the publisher of all of them has been a dedicated section of Microsoft games, namely Xbox Game Studios. Forza Street is the twelfth game in the series and the first official spin-off of the Forza series for mobile phones. It first released in 2018 for the PC platform through the Microsoft Store and then released in 2019 for iOS and Android. Electric Square developed the game. It was initially scheduled to release under the name Miami Street. Microsoft added this game to the Forza series.

Important points:

– You can run the game online, and you may need to change the IP to run it properly.

– In addition to the primary data (offline), the game may need to download some additional information. In this case.

– Due to the graphics and high volume of the game, it is recommended to do it only on powerful devices.

Recommended hardware specifications:

.8 Octa-core CPU (Snapdragon 820 or better)


.It needs nearly 1.5 GB of free memory

.Android 6.0 and above

.You can only install the game on ARM64 devices.

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