Final Fantasy 14 players can’t decide how to eat an egg

Square Enix is releasing a Hatching-tide event in its MMORPG just in time for Easter, but a single emote is stirring controversy. Various goods and minions will be available to gather as part of the event, as well as an emote for eating an egg. The emote’s image depicts an adorable young Lalafell eating an egg with half of the shell still attached. Which raises the question of how you’re supposed to consume a boiled egg. “Then why is the egg just half peeled?” wondered Aitai Kimochi, a Final Fantasy 14 streamer who posted a photograph of the emoticon on Twitter.

A new egg-eating gesture in Final Fantasy 14 has generated controversy

A new egg-eating gesture in Final Fantasy 14 has generated controversy over whether it’s strange to keep half of the shell on a hard-boiled egg. The contentious eggmote was published in conjunction with the Hatching Tide event in 2022. It looks to be a harmless little Easter-themed item at first sight, but as Eurogamer pointed out, it’s causing quite a stir among the Final Fantasy 14 community owing to one prominent detail: it seems to have only been half-peeled. After completing a real-life experiment and concluding that the approach featured in the emoticon is “extremely unworkable,” Twitter user Mrhappy1227 brought this hard-boiled problem to the attention of the official FF14 Twitter account.

The Final Fantasy 14 player was drawn to the debate

In response, Twitter user Kurome, suggested that the emote is just an alteration of a commonly eaten that highlights a soft-boiled egg in a tiny cup with bread for dipping into the yolk, but the Twitter user Mrhappy1227 rebutted by pointing out that the egg emote in Final Fantasy 14 is obviously a hard-boiled egg – and furthermore, there’s no dipping toast in sight. Naturally, the Final Fantasy 14 player who got renowned for devouring hundreds of digital eggs throughout a livestream was drawn to the debate. Square Enix responded to Ross O’Donovan’s tweet, which merely stated that he’d “heard the news.” O’Donovan also pondered aloud if his egg-eating antics had any bearing on the new emote in Final Fantasy 14, but the judgment is out on that one.

The argument was made by a well-known Final Fantasy 14 developer

The Twitter user Mrhappy1227, a well-known Final Fantasy 14 developer, makes an excellent argument. The MMO will soon gain a new Eat Egg emote—one that appears unrealistic, if not downright unsettling, if you’ve never pondered the potential of someone eating an egg incorrectly. Right now, all we have is a screenshot showing a Lalafell clutching what appears to be a hardboiled egg with part of its shell still attached. What happens next will be unknown, but if the motion for eating a standard egg is any indicator, the entire egg, shell and all, will end up in their mouth.

The emote will be released on April 13

The emote will be released on April 13 as parts of Final Fantasy 14’s Easter-themed Hatching-tide event. You complete a few missions and receive rewards, like as mounts, clothes, and stuff to decorate your home, as with past holiday events. This year’s big attraction is Eat Egg, but the snapshot has many players scratching their heads as to how it works.

Mrhappy1227, explains the idea in a video

Mrhappy1227, who just recorded a film about the event, believes it’s a bad way to consume a hardboiled egg. In the video, he explains why by holding an egg like the Lalafell and describing how the bulk of the egg would be difficult to reach (with your tongue) before bumping into the shell. The shell is not something you want to eat. Mrhappy1227, the Final Fantasy 14 developer, added that putting the partially egg in his palm as evidence, If the egg yolk isn’t correct inside too it’s too thick of a color you can’t even get the yolk, and that’s like the greatest moments of a hardboiled egg.

The disagreement was taken to Twitter by Mrhappy1227

The majority of the responses are in accord, however a few people believe the egg may be softboiled, which would completely transform the situation. If you don’t use the shell as a cup for a softboiled egg, you’ll end up with broken egg all over your fingers. The egg in the screenshot, on the other hand, has a solid form, or as solid as a low poly egg that wasn’t designed for this degree of examination can get.

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