Challenge your mind with these brain games for iPhone and iPad

The best free brain games for iPhone and iPad are titles that you can use to experience different puzzles and brain games after installing them on your iPhone. You can also maintain your mental skills over time and even improve them with enough practice.

With the amount of time most of us spend staring at a screen these days, we may feel like we’re not giving our brains enough rest, and as a result, we easily become tired and worn out. One of the best ways to keep our mind active and fresh are brain games for iPhone.

There are tons of iPhone brain games on the App Store that can help you maintain those mental skills that you feel you’re losing over time. If you are looking for the best free brain games for your iPhone or iPad, then you can get to know 10 examples of these brain games.

iPhone products can be considered as one of the limited options in today’s technology world, unfortunately, there are not many games and apps made for the Android platform for iOS.

It should be noted that different options have been introduced in the list of intellectual games for iPhone, and the descriptions of each of the games have been mentioned. In this regard, you can get to know the main features and strengths of the available games. It should be noted that all the introduced games are available with download links so that you can get them directly.

The style of intellectual games, as the name suggests, is in the field of various challenges that are directly related to the mind. As soon as you install and participate in such games, you must be prepared to go through the difficult stages because all the things that have been introduced to you in the following are among the best iPhone brain games, in which you can deal with difficult stages. Be.

At the end of the initial explanation about free brain games for iPhone, you should know that in these cases, various puzzle and thinking styles are used, so that you can access Apple brain games according to your taste. If you are interested in another game in the list below that we have not introduced, you can follow us in the comments section and share your favorite game for other users to use. So stay with us.


Elevate is one of the new intellectual games for iPhone, but despite this, it has been able to attract the positive opinion of users in a short period of time and become one of the best intellectual games. After downloading and installing the app, you have more than 35 different brain games at your disposal. Among the best iPhone games for adults, this game has been a good option for entertainment, and by using its high features, you can access good and completely entertaining challenges that will strengthen your mind.

The program measures your progress in 5 different fields and also provides you with a general report. In this way, you can find out about your progress in various fields and see how much progress you made in all fields from the beginning. Stay with us in the article on free brain games for iPhone.


The second title that we introduce in the list of the best free brain games for iPhone is Lumosity. A program that has been in the intellectual games category of the App Store for several years and is one of the most popular programs in the Apple Store. Just like other programs for mental training, this program offers you several games with different topics every day and monitors your progress and performance in these games, and after some time, it sends you a report on how you performed in the games.

If you are looking for an intellectual game for the iPhone that can provide you with many challenges, it is recommended to use Lumosity game, which has a higher performance and level than other similar games, and in this regard, you can play for long minutes. Be present in the game and enjoy its stages. In the following, you can access the download link of this game for iOS.


Peak is the first in terms of user interface and how to arrange and present various games and tasks so that it is not too confusing for the user. In addition, many of the games that it provides are more like normal games than other intellectual programs, so you can replace them with other games and not feel like you are doing schoolwork while playing them.

Peak has more than 45 different games in 6 categories, to access all of them you need to get a subscription, but a large number of games are also available to you for free. Compared to other games for iOS, intellectual style may not be very popular, but you should know that in this field, the best challenging iPhone games can be a good option for entertainment, by using them you can access many things to strengthen your mind. Be. On the other hand, this style, despite the various challenges it has, can also be suitable for strengthening the minds of children, and in this field, various games have been introduced for you.

You don’t need flashy brain games with colorful graphics on iOS to train your mind, and you can use the countless number of Sudoku apps in the App Store, because Sudoku continues to be popular. is also one of the most popular Sudoku apps in the App Store, offering thousands of different puzzles.

The game also sends you new challenges on a daily basis and guides you whenever you fail to solve a puzzle.


If graphics are important to you and you are looking for the best intellectual games for iPad and iPhone, you can consider Blackbox. The game that was able to receive the best design award for an application from Apple for its unique minimal design and gameplay. This game provides you with complex and varied puzzles that you really have to think to solve.

Among the intellectual puzzle games for iPhone that you liked, you can download them directly from Apple’s website. This list of games has been prepared with a lot of effort. It is suggested that you share your opinion about this article with us, and if you have another good game in mind that is not in this list, you can send it to us in the comments section so that other users can. also have the possibility to use it.


Another one of the best iPhone brain games is Impulse, which has similar features to Priority and Peak. But this game focuses more on challenges that test your memory and also test your problem solving power. Of course, its games are not limited to these categories and it also has games to improve your concentration, mathematics and creativity.


GEIST is a combination of brain games and meditation apps and is available for iPhone. With the help of this program, you can keep your mind calm and focused. Inside the game itself, there are several mini-games with topics such as improving concentration or reducing stress.

Tricky Test 2

If you like tricky questions, play Tricky Test 2 free for one of the must-have iPhone apps. This program has more than 100 different levels, in all of which you have to solve different and sometimes deviant puzzles to go to the next level. With each mistake you lose 1 life and when you’ve wasted all your lives you go back 3 steps and have to start over.

Left vs Right

left vs right is another intellectual game for iPad and iPhone that offers various puzzles. The puzzles in this program were divided into 6 categories: accuracy, awareness, patience, logic, adaptation and reaction. Each of these categories includes a total of 50 different games.

The game is free, but if you don’t buy a subscription, you can access up to 3 categories per day.

Brain Wars

If you are looking for an online intellectual game for iPhone, Brain Wars is the best choice. In this game, you can compete with other users from different parts of the world and if you can get a higher score, you will win. In addition, you can add your friends to your friends list in the program and compete with them online.

The game has more than 30 different mental exercises that you can experience online or offline. The more games you win, the better your global ranking will be among all users of the app and you will be able to play with more professionals.

final word

The best intellectual games for iPhone and iPad with puzzles and different stages are suitable for both children and adults and can be a good exercise for you and various mental skills such as the power of concentration and problem solving in addition to entertainment. In your opinion, which of these intellectual games for iPhone is the best choice?





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