APC UPS-Backup pro Gaming for gamers

APC UPS-Backup pro Gaming for gamers

APC UPS-Backup pro Gaming for gamers

A UPS can protect your valuable equipment from electrical disturbances. Whether in the middle of a tense multiplayer game, a boss fight, or even in the middle of an important job without saving, the last thing you want is to lose everything in a blackout or blackout. Here is everything about APC UPS-Backup pro Gaming for gamers.

APC 1500VA Gaming UPS

The APC 1500VA Gaming UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is designed to keep you running long enough to restore power in the event of brief outages and power outages, so you have time to safely shut down your device and preserve your valuable data and drives. To find out if this UPS is a useful addition to a gamer’s collection, I tested the APC 1500VA Gaming UPS for two weeks, paying particular attention to  design, setup, process, connections, connectivity, and performance.

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 Design: fit for single player

APC UPS-Backup pro Gaming for gamers has a stylish atmosphere for gamers and can be seamlessly connected to most PCs and game consoles. It is available in two colors, Midnight and Arctic, and features an LCD screen surrounded by an RGB reactor circuit that doubles as an indicator light. It will promptly notify you of any change in performance, as well as the remaining load on the UPS.

APC UPS-Backup pro Gaming for gamers


APC UPS-Backup pro Gaming for gamers has numerous ports and sockets to ensure you can replace your current surge protector under your desk. There are a total of 10 outlets available, six of which offer battery backup power and surge protection, while the additional four outlets only offer surge protection. The plugs are divided into five on each side, that is, there is only one battery backup plug on the side of the surge protector. I found this a bit annoying as I had to be very careful that my devices were plugged in in the correct places. A four / six setup would have been better.

 Setup process – simple, with advanced configuration options 

The APC 1500VA Gaming UPS is really easy to set up, but there is one essential step that can add or break the experience: connecting the battery. Smaller UPS devices do not necessarily require you to connect the battery before connecting the UPS, but larger UPS devices generally come with the battery terminal disconnected.

 Connectivity – Few Smart Features

The APC 1500VA Gaming UPS is relatively simple in the connectivity department, there aren’t really many smart features or WiFi connectivity. The only way to interact with the device other than the outer LCD panel is to use the PowerChute software, which is only available for PCs.

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The package contains the USB data connection cable to connect the UPS to your PC. By using the software, you can view device status, performance summaries, test results, and similar results. The main attraction of the software is the ability to automatically shut down your PC, a feature that is incredibly important to PC users.

APC UPS-Backup pro Gaming for gamers

QR code

The package contained a sheet with a QR code, and this initially led me to believe that I could download and use the APC app. This was misleading because I was frustrated that the QR code was for assistance only and not for further connectivity.


Performance is the core of what a UPS is all about. After all, your job is to prevent data loss and catastrophic system damage in the worst of conditions. The APC 1500VA Gaming UPS has SineWave and AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation) to optimize performance and possibly even extend the life of devices. It also holds up pretty well in the test, with a few caveats.



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