Xbox series X vs S series

 Xbox series X vs S series

Xbox series X vs S series

The Xbox Series X and S Series have been around for a long time, and their capabilities are generally what Microsoft promised. The X Series is an expensive console with very high processing power, and its black frame and rectangular design add to its beauty. However, the S series has a relatively lower processing power compared to the X series, but do not forget that users are satisfied with the smaller size and lower price of this console. In this section, we will compare.

Price comparison of Xbox X series and S series

One of the features that makes the Xbox Series S superior to the X Series is the price point. Simply put: the Xbox Series S is priced at $ 300 and the Xbox X Series is priced at $ 500. (Prices vary by region, but the price difference between the two consoles is almost constant.)

Tests have shown that the Series X has better processing performance than the Series S; Of course, with these specifications, it is not surprising. Although the S Series is capable of displaying 4K and HDR at its maximum, it does not give us a true 4K image. The Xbox X Series supports ray-tracing (which is a rendering feature) for most games, but this feature is very limited in the S Series. The Xbox X Series also performs much better in high-end gaming.

 Xbox series X vs S series

If we want to take a closer look, the S series runs games – even in 4K mode – and has no processing problems. However, if you have a 1080p TV or a 1440p monitor – and you are not thinking about buying a new monitor right now – the S Series is the best choice for you. But if you already have a strong TV, it is better to think about buying X series; The X-Series display power is worth the higher price.

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The Xbox Series X also has a 4K Blu-ray drive, but the S Series is fully digital. This feature actually means that if you have physical media such as movies, CDs or compatible inverted games, the Xbox X Series is the best option for you.

Comparing the design of Xbox X series and S series

The Xbox Series X has a nice design, but it’s a little too big: it measures 11.9 by 5.9 by 5.9 inches and weighs 4.44 kg. The X Series does not fit anywhere in the decor, especially if you want to place it horizontally on your desk.

This is where the S Series really proves its superiority. The size of this small white console (with a beautiful black fan hatch) is 10.8 by 5.9 by 2.6 inches and weighs 1.95 kg. This console is one of the smallest and lightest consoles made in recent years, and if you own a game center, you can put it anywhere. It will even fit on the TV table next to the TV. Finding the right place with room decoration for the S Series is very easy and it is not difficult to move it at all.

That’s why the Xbox Series S can play the role of your secondary console, which can be placed in the bedroom, children’s room or anywhere. Also, having an extra console in the bedroom or gaming room in addition to the main console in the living room can be a luxury feature!

 Xbox series X vs S series

Similarities between Xbox X Series and S Series

The interesting thing is that the similarities between the Xbox X series and S series consoles are more than their differences! The game set, appearance, inverse compatibility, game selection animation and CPU are quite similar. You can play 30 improved games on X-Series and S-Series; These games include titles like Gear 5, Yakuza: Like a Dragon and Forza Horizon 4. These games on the X / S Series have both much higher graphics and a much faster load compared to previous consoles. Both consoles also have Quick Resume capability. With this feature you can play, stop and play multiplayer together quickly whenever you want.

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There is no doubt that the X Series is more powerful than the S Series, and if you have enough budget, the X Series is the best option. However, in a few cases, especially the S series, it has something to say and is probably a better option. For example, as mentioned above, it can act as a “secondary console”. Or if you have a 1080p TV and do not plan to replace it at the moment, the S Series is a good option. However, even if you have a 4K TV, the S Series will meet your needs thanks to its maximum display power.

If you are one of the above, buy the Xbox X Series – even if you have to wait a while to raise enough money. The Xbox Series X is better and more “multifunctional” than the S Series because of its more powerful hardware and media support features.

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