Read PDF files; more professional than ever


Read PDF files; more professional than ever

PDF is today the most widely used format for presenting various documents. Many people create their documents, documents and writings using tools such as Word and PowerPoint and save them without changing the format. This can make your documents look very cluttered if you move these files between different systems or different versions of WPS Office.

One common solution to prevent this problem is to use PDF format, which displays your file as neatly as possible. In addition, the security of this format is more. If you save the file in PDF format, it is no longer possible to edit or change its information, so we suggest that you send your important documents in this format.

In the meantime, many programs have been designed to read PDF files. One of the most popular of these programs is Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is probably the first choice of most users to open PDF files. Reading PDF on mobile is another story.

One of the best PDF reader apps for Android is the PDF Reader application, which in addition to quick and easy opening of PDF files, also provides users with various and useful capabilities. We will start mentioning the features of this Android PDF program with its easy user interface and small size.

All the features of this program are in front of your eyes using perfectly clear icons and you will not be confused in any way when working with them. Also, this program is only 6 MB in size and takes up almost no space on your phone.

Another useful feature of this program is the ability to quickly search for the desired content. This feature is especially useful in heavy files that have a large number of pages. It also supports almost all common e-book formats. Another interesting feature of this program is Bookshelf view, which puts the books stored by you in a library so that you can easily find them. This feature is very useful for knowing the cover of the book or finding the name of the author.

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