Amazon Cloud Drive


Amazon Cloud Drive

No company seems to want to be left behind. In the last few weeks, two virtual world giants, Google and Microsoft, have introduced their storage services. Now, the well-known company Amazon has released its Desktop Client for Windows and Mac operating systems to make it easier for users to access its cloud storage service called Amazon Cloud Drive.

1- Storage capacity: By default you can access 5 GB of free storage space in this service. This rate will be responsive for many users. But in terms of comparison with other services, it should be said that Amazon Cloud Drive jointly with Google Drive is in second place. In this area, power is in the hands of the world’s largest and most powerful software company, Microsoft. The company’s SkyDrive service will provide you with 7 GB of free space. Of course, until a few days ago, Microsoft had made it possible to increase this capacity to 25 GB (limited time). Now this plan is over and you will have only 7 GB of free space and it is not possible to upgrade the storage capacity.

2- The issue of integration with other services and software: In this regard, it can be said that more success awaits Microsoft and Google. You use most of the services of these two big giants of the virtual world, namely Google and Microsoft, on a daily basis. You are using Windows operating system, Office suite, Hotmail service and other Microsoft products. You also use Gmail, Google Docs and many other Google services. Google and Microsoft will certainly try to integrate this service with their other services to make their way more into the digital life of users.

As everyone knows, Amazon is more of a store and you can buy different products through it. In general, Amazon does not offer other services that are very useful for users. So in the case of Amazon, the issue of integration with other popular services cannot be considered, and this could lead to more luck for Google and Microsoft.

3- Methods of uploading files on Amazon Cloud Drive: You can upload files by dragging and dropping on the icon of this program. Of course, you can right-click on the desired file or folder and select “send to Amazon Cloud Drive”.

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