Kingston HyperX Cloud Alpha review

 Kingston HyperX Cloud Alpha review

Kingston HyperX Cloud Alpha review

If you are looking for the best gaming headset, there are many things you can consider. These include convenience, gaming features, headset appearance and sound quality. We are looking for a headset in which the sound of jumps and jumps can be heard better than other headphones. A good microphone in a gaming headset is a feature that is not usually considered; If in games like Gears 5 and Rainbow Six Siege, the fate of the game depends on how well you hear the voice of your teammate. If you prefer the sound of explosions and the screams of your enemies to fill the space of the house, choose Kingston HyperX Cloud Alpha. In this article, we are going to have Kingston HyperX Cloud Alpha review.

Take a look at the Kingston HyperX Cloud Alpha review

HyperX Cloud Alpha headset A comprehensive and balanced gaming headset

 Kingston HyperX Cloud Alpha review

The HyperX CLoud Alpha gaming headset

Gaming headset

wireless: None

Drivers: 50mm neodymium dual chamber

Connection: 3.5mm analog

Frequency: 13Hz-27,000Hz


Detachable noise-canceling microphone, in-line control cables

Strong and clear sound

Durable build quality

No detachable cable

Loose and unsustainable controls

 Kingston HyperX Cloud Alpha review

HyperX headphones have always been one of the best, and their latest product, Cloud Alpha, has excellent sound quality and is durable. This headset, while having all the criteria of a good headset, does not have the extra features that increase the price. Due to the closed back of the headset, the stereo sound is not loud enough, but the low volume does not diminish its sharpness (it happens to be great in games and when listening to music). The enclosure of both 50 mm drivers is designed to create enough space for low, medium and high frequencies to be played without interference. You will notice this when using this headset.


In addition, this headset has great build quality, plenty of pads and a clear microphone, and you will not feel uncomfortable using it a lot. The only exception is loose internal controls that, like everything else, are not of the required quality.

For a wider frequency response, we recommend Alpha headphones instead of Cloud ll; Although they are very different from each other.

It is rare for a computer peripheral to be very popular, but HyperX has managed to reach this stage. Of course, the Razer Boomslang mice were a huge success in the early 2000’s, and GTX 970 graphics cards are still in use, but none as popular as the Cloud series.

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The main features of the cloud headsets that make them the best headsets in the world have been fixed since the first headset entered the market in 2014. These features include an attractive aircraft-like design, high use of smart foam, strong and balanced sound, and low price. Over time, improvements have been made to the cable, internal controls, and driver enclosures, but always You can count on its quality.

We first check the sound quality, because to be honest, all that smart foam is worthless if the sound is not transmitted well. To test the sound quality, we compared it to the DT770 biodynamic headphones because the frequency response range of both is almost the same. When we listened to a sound source first with the DT770 headphones and then with the Cloud Alpha headset, the former seemed weaker.

Like other gaming headsets, the Alpha headset has a strong bass sound so that people can hear each other well in multiplayer games. But the interesting thing is that loud and semi-loud sounds are heard with almost the same quality as the DT770 headphones.

Simply put, this headset is unique in its kind. When you detonate a bomb in the game, the sound is weak, but when necessary, it becomes quite accurate and you can even hear the sound of breaking glass after the explosion!

Another feature of this headset and previous models is that you do not need any other software or device to use the maximum quality. You do not need to enable game mode, or install an RGB keyboard, or use EQ. Just plug it into the device and enjoy its unique sound.

 Kingston HyperX Cloud Alpha review

The most important difference between Alpha and previous Cloud models is that they have two separate compartments for bass sounds and intermediate frequencies so that each one can be played in its own section and there is no interference. This is done to reduce interference and increase sound quality, and except for overly loud sounds, the interference rate is almost zero.

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Now that we are sure of the sound quality, let’s take a look at smart foam. Alpha pad phones have not changed much compared to previous models, namely Cloud 1 and 2. Only with the deformation of the aluminum body it becomes a little lighter and its upper part (headband) also becomes wider; In general, this headset is very comfortable like the previous models.

Also, these headsets are incredibly durable and after a few months of use, they still look healthy and their pads are bulky. Leather covers around the phones also keep your ears warm in the cold seasons.

Another good feature of the Alpha headset is its low price. The only extras are the detachable microphone and cable, which allow you to use it as a regular headset by removing the microphone, and if the cable breaks, the headset will not be lost at all, and only costs $ 10. You can use it again.

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