Two Android action game which is first-person

first-person game

Two Android action game, which is first-person

Deer Hunter Classic

One of the sub-categories of first-person action style is games that deal with the subject of animal hunting. Although the number of such titles in the collection is very small, even among console and computer games, Deer Hunter Classic has been able to bring you a pleasant and low-imperfect hunting experience. Deer Hunter Classic graphics are very beautiful and stunning as a mobile game and you will be amazed by the natural landscapes and many details of the environments. Of course, it is not possible to roam freely in the game world and you have to lie in wait like a professional hunter to find the animals head over heels.

Types of hunting weapons can be selected in Deer Hunter Classic, and you must complete each stage with a specific type of weapon. The animals that must be hunted at each stage are different, from ducks and ducks to gazelles, bears, and even elephants. Although the subject of animal hunting seems to be repetitive and tedious after a while, the creators of Deer Hunter Classic have been able to take it out of the monotony by adding various elements to the game. In this way, as you progress through the stages of the game, in addition to the release of new areas with a variety of different animals, the goals of the game will change. It will not be enough to just destroy the prey; Instead, you must shoot at a specific point on the animal’s body, such as the heart, lungs, and to get the full score. In general, hunting animals in the real world is not an interesting activity at all, but by doing this on your smartphone; you can experience the pleasure of hunting without harming an animal.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

Modern Combat game series can be considered as Call of Duty in the mobile world! The same features that made the Call of Duty series (especially newer versions of Modern Warfare) stand out are found in Modern Combat and its latest versions, numbers four and five; Beautiful story, realistic and revolutionary graphics, smooth and cinematic gameplay, and… all and all have made Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour a very interesting and exciting game. Of course, we did not mention the fifth number of the game, which is newer, in our list, only because the game is online, which may make it difficult for some to run. However, if you can cope with the fact that the fifth issue is online, it has improved in all respects compared to the fourth version.

Certainly one of the most prominent features of Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour is its perfectly smooth and dynamic gameplay. The game was first released in 2012, but its graphics are still spectacular and attractive, and the old game has made it run in the best condition and with the highest frame rate with medium phones. Just as the Call of Duty, game series can be easily introduced to anyone looking for an engaging PC game, Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour can be equally engaging and entertaining for all smartphone users of all tastes. . Therefore, you should not miss this game in any way.

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