Titanfall fans hacking Apex Legends

Apex Legends unhappy

Titanfall fans hacking Apex Legends

Apex Legends unhappy

One (or a group of) unhappy Titanfall player(s) has hacked into Apex Legends to ask developer Respawn to address hacking and cheating in the original version of their favorite game.

What has exactly happened

Today, some screenshots and videos from Apex Legends players have appeared online; these videos and screenshots show that many players don’t have access to any of the shooter’s usual modes, and can only see a message that directs them to visit a website at

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At first, everybody thought this message is only shown to PC players, but then, by reports on Reddit it turned out to be a problem affecting all console and Switch players around the world.

The strange subheader and the site

Usually, a subheader describes the game mode; now Apex Legends players see the subheader say that Titanfall 1 being attacked is the reason Apex is being attacked. Some other players get messages asking them to visit the mentioned website, every time they complete a match.

A statement on the website address advertised by the hack explains that Titanfall is a franchise loved by many people.

What the message wants to say

Players get a message after they finish a match. The message points out that it’s three years since the Titanfall community has been asking Respawn to fix this issue, but they have always been ignored. Today they are still selling this game, even though it is completely unplayable. Now the time has arrived for us to speak up. The statement also says that Titanfall 1 is now unplayable on PC because hacker(s) use exploits that don’t let players be able to play the game. It continues by mentioning that Respawn is pretending that they didn’t know about the situation despite this issue happening for years.

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The message continues talking more about the problem of Titanfall being still on sale on Origin and Steam, even though it is not playable. The message says they have been contacting Respawn about this problem several times in many ways. Even when they have contacted the developers directly, at the moment that they brought up the topic of the Titanfall 1 problem, developers stop replying. The parent company of Respawn and publisher for Titanfall 1, Electronic Arts, are aware of the situation, seeing countless reports received by their client support and forums over all these years.

Respawn’s reaction

Until now, neither Respawn as the developer nor EA as the publisher have publicly commented on this hacking issue on any of their social media channels. A thread that discusses the issue has been getting a considerable amount of attention.

Cheating issue

Recently, ICYMI, Apex developer Respawn committed to fixing cheating in ranked, but it has sparked a community hashtag that has trended on tweeter.

One ongoing heated issue for the game’s community is the issue of cheating in higher-tiers of Apex Legends; recently, it seems to have spilled past boiling points. A professional Apex Player named Chris, responded to a tweet by Respawn with a statement of their own, saying that they are so done with it and it is to the point where they literally do not know what to do. They just sit around for months and nothing changes that demoralizes them. Then asked them to take initiative and #SaveApexRanked before it gets too late.

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