The Witcher Robin, rooted from Japanese Folklore, is a Full-Length Witcher Manga

 The Witcher Robin, rooted from Japanese Folklore, is a Full-Length Witcher Manga

 The Witcher Robin, rooted from Japanese Folklore, is a Full-Length Witcher Manga

Recently, CD Projekt Red has declared a Kickstarter pre-launch campaign. This campaign is for The Witcher Ronin which is a full-length manga. Rafal Jaki, the author, is preparing a team with Hataya who is Japanese illustrator for this project.

The Wither Ronin

The Wither Ronin is a full-length Witcher manga and it’s on its way to come. Rafal Jaki, the writer, is the one who was editor of CDPR’s Comic Book for about eight years and created Gwent, the fictional card game, and now is working on Cyberpunk 2077 anime, Edgerunners. The work of illustrations is monitored by Hataya who is manga artist. He is best-known for Mangaka Joshi and Neko no Matasaburou.

Jaki and Hataya cooperation 


The manga tells a “Elseworld” story which is not related to storylines of videogames. It means that it is not a story in which Geralt in The Witcher is going to be teleported to Japan magically. Instead, the inspiration is taken from stories like batman Ninja and Superman Red Son in order to create a strong character and let them be in a new situation.

Combination of two traditions.  

For Jaki, having Geralt in a Japanese setting which is fantasy was an interesting way because in Japanese Folklore there is a strong tradition of monsters called yokai. This tradition links Geralt to the new setting. Jaki says that he likes the experience of having monsters and folklore stories together. He believes that Japan and Europe have a great tradition in this field and for him working with monsters and Japanese stories in the context of a Witcher was the best thing.

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Dealing with differences

This was not free from problems and challenges. An example is the word “Witcher” which doesn’t match with Japanese atmosphere, but Jaki decided to use the setting of past comics of Elseworld to solve the problem.  For example, in Superman Red Son, we see that although Superman is in the CCCP he is called Superman. This makes people have fun and understand it. Putting together Japanese imagination and The Witcher is not something new. There are some figures that do this before in CD Projekt, but putting Geralt in a Japanese concept is new.

 The Witcher Robin, rooted from Japanese Folklore, is a Full-Length Witcher Manga

Witcher Manga’s Origin

The Witcher manga started in PlayStation Awards where Jaki and Adam Badowski were in Tokyo in 2015. Jaki studied philosophy at Warsaw University. He said that he always believed that Japanese ronin has a lot in common with Geralt. So before going to Tokyo Jaki and Badowaki asked Robert Adler to design t-shirts which have Geralt as a ronin. They wore the t-shirts on the gala event.

Reactions of media

At that time, Local media in Japan didn’t like the design of t-shirts. Two years later CDPR started working on a new project and Jaki brough back his ideas of having Geralt in a Japanese setting.

Jaki and Hataya cooperation 

Jaki and Hataya cooperation 

Everything was ready to have a story inspired by Japanese folklore for Yennifer, Geralt, and Ciri. Jaki who knew the potential of storytelling for series decided to have a full story with real Geralt ronin. CDPR Japan helped and Jaki connected with Hataya. They created a draft of ideas in three pages. This draft was a base for 100-page story.

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There are many Witcher comics which are released but CDPR preferred Kickstarter for Witcher ronin. The reason was to create edition of collector and to publish it all over the world.CDPR has already paid for developing manga. Instead, for the company and Jaki the Kickstarter was a way by which they were able to finance a great edition of collector for those who really want to have the Witcher manga in best version. Jaki believed this project in not meant for the broadest audience but it is for those who love yokai manga or the Witcher or both of them.

The benefits of Kickstarter  

The Kickstarter will provide a situation in which CDPR can be linked to the community directly and have their feedback. It can also send the book all over the world.

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