The cooler look of Star Wars podracing with pixel art

The cooler look of Star Wars podracing with pixel art

The cooler look of Star Wars podracing with pixel art

Nowadays game developers are presenting some highlights from the process of game-making with hashtag #ScreenshotSaturday. These posts which are in the form of GIFs, video clips, and screenshots are so attractive for fans because they can enjoy the characters and its words before the game releases. Therefore, with the help of hashtag #ScreenshotSaturday, we have written about some of the best and coolest games which are under the process with.

The cooler look of Star Wars podracing with pixel art

Games we have for you

The list of this week has a podracing game which is pixelated and inspired by Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. In another post we introduce the early stages of 3D version of Earthbound which is being made by a fun. The games which are inspired by animals continue their popularity for developers. Animals like frog, foxes and gators are some of them. Now let’s take a look at the full list of most interesting games for this week.

A great podracing which has low poly style

Johan Peitz, a developer, called himself “a tiny modeler for tiny models”. He has created picoCAD, a program which facilitates building 3D models with low-polygon. This GIF shows us the capability for a podracing game which is inspired by Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. He previously posted a recreation of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker in the form of sailing.

An amazing 3D frog platformer

Thick pixels are now popular and this pad platformer is showing us they can be playful if they are used for a right concept. In “Frogun” which is made by Raul “Molegato” Martinez we see a explorer which is cartoony and uses frog having a gun and use it to find their way in their environment. We can see the character is using the gun to do the puzzles, and to go across the gaps. The release day is not announced yet.

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A lovely gator who wobbles

This game which is called “Lil Gator Game” is like a zoomed-in version of an adventure game named “A Short Hike” which is smooth. We see a gator who has a pallet and a paintbrush and runs around. You can hear the character’s feet as they walk.  It jumps like slow guy. Three developers are making this game: Connor Quothe, Robin Bugess, and Scott Slucher.

It’s time for Mother 2

Mother 2 is the 3D version of EarthBound. In the video you can see that Ness hears a crash and go outside the house to see what happens. You cannot get the whole story with this clip but you can see that the colors are so rich. This project is part of a fan-made project named “EarthBound Dimensions” and it is not going to be releases that soon.

Be like Moses

In this game, the Old Testament inspired the Soaring Pixels Games. It is called “Breakwaters” and the character can part the see like Moses to collect fish. It will be released in 2021.

A game for app lovers

Melatonin is a game with a character jumping from one platform to another. The platforms are like apps, for example Instagram or YouTube. We can see some metrics; for example, the number of likes. It has rhythm and David Huynh is the developer who works for Half Asleep studio. It will be released in fall 2021.

A fox in the forest

In the game “Foxen Island”, the player controls a fox. In the short clip of this game you can see the fox goes through a beautiful and misty forest. The game is beautiful and gentle. It is out now.

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