The best Android racing games that you should not miss (part3)


Drag Racing

Drag racing is a race that takes place in a straight, winding path, and determines the winner of the start-up speed, gear change, and nitrification. If you are an old gamer and have experienced titles like Need for Speed ​​before, you must be familiar with this type of competition, because in these racing games, steps are followed in the form of drag.

In Drag Racing, more than 50 licensed cars are available for you to compete in and customize your skills by customizing and tuning them. The choice of drag-style for a mobile game is a smart choice by the creators of this game, and the result of this choice can be seen in the high download statistics of Drag Racing on Google Play.

Horizon Chase – World Tour

Horizon Chase – World Tour is a product of Aquiris Game Studio and one of the top 10 mobile games in 2015. The first thing that will surely catch your eye when facing this game is its special and unique graphic style. The game’s graphics are not realistic, unlike titles like Real Racing, and the creators did not have such a goal at all. Instead, an artistically and aesthetically pleasing work of art can keep you entertained for hours.

In recent years, updates and upgrades have been released for Horizon Chase – World Tour, which has taken it out of its monotony and found a new atmosphere. The cars in this game are completely inspired by the cars of the ’80s and ’90s, so you should not expect to see modern and modern cars in it. Eight different races in 32 cities and 78 different roads have been designed in this game, which is more than enough for a mobile title. One of the great benefits of Horizon Chase – World Tour is that you can compete with competitors at different times of the day, in different parts of the world, and in different weather conditions and experience the thrill of pleasant driving on your Android phone.

Rebel Racing

Rebel Racing is one of the newest driving style games developed for the Android operating system. This game was produced by Hutch Games studio in 2019, but in the same short period, it was able to achieve significant download statistics. The most important thing about Rebel Racing is that it is online and all competitions are held with the participation of real gamers from all over the world. Also, the size of this game is very small compared to other similar titles such as Asphalt and Real Racing, and if the small size of the game is important to you, be sure to take a look at Rebel Racing.

In Rebel Racing, various features such as buying, upgrading, and customizing cars are considered and you can even change the color and design of the body of these cars, which are simulated from real models to your liking.

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