Riview of the toughest first-person action games in history (part2)

Riview of the toughest first-person action games in history (part2)

Riview of the toughest first-person action games in history (part2)

Far Cry

Game company Crytek knows very well how to make popular graphic games. Many players know the name of this company because of the Crysis game, but this company is also the creator of the Far cry masterpiece series. The early stages of the game encourage players to identify enemy camps and learn different strategies for approaching enemies, which demonstrates the excellent gameplay of the Far cry series. In the second part of the Far cry series, the difficulty increases, and the enemies can kill the player with only three shots!

Serious Sam: The Second Encounter

The main problem in Serious Sam: The Second Encounter is the final challenge of the game. In that part, the enemies are much healthier while the player is very vulnerable. Each part of this series of games has its challenges, but winning none is as difficult as winning Serious Sam: The Second Encounter. In this game, the number of enemies in each encounter has increased dramatically, and the enemies will come to war with you with various weapons. These basic improvements are very challenging for the player in most scenes and only one mistake can cause death. It gets harder where you have to face hundreds of angry enemies in a small place.

Doom Eternal

Although Doom Eternal was released earlier this year, it has had a huge impact on the first-person shooter genre in the short term. This game forces players to perform various activities while killing demons to earn their black belt points by destroying demons. Based on experience, your excitement and adrenaline levels will skyrocket as you play, and simple mistakes will not only kill you but also force you to play the stage all over again. If someone wants to play this game on the highest level of difficulty, he will have a very difficult task ahead.

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