Resident Evil Re Verse game (part1)

Resident Evil Re Verse

Resident Evil is an online multiplayer game called Re-Verse

The creators of the Resident Evil game series have introduced a new minor version of this game. This game is called Resident Evil Re: Verse. It plays the role of the online part of the Resident Evil 8 game. All buyers of Resident Evil 8 can get this game free. Resident Evil Re: Verse also has a limited trial version that will be available to fans soon.

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Capcom has held an event for the Resident Evil 8 game, and in this event, we saw a lot of information about this game. One of the parts of this event that, unlike other parts, did not appeal to Changi and gave an account to the fans was the introduction of Re: Verse. Re: Verse is a simple online death match game created on the 25th anniversary of the Resident Evil game series and contains the characters and environments of the Resident Evil game series.

Resident Evil 8 is also available on PS4

We have seen something like Re: Verse before. During the Resident Evil 3 remake release, Capcom released an online collaboration game with the original game and made it available to all free buyers. This little game is the online part of Resident Evil 8. Because this online section’s feel is very far from the main game, the creators decided to offer it as a separate game. Of course, because Re: Verse is not a complete game, Capcom has decided to give it away for free to all Resident Evil 8 buyers.

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