Paradise Lost Review

Paradise Lost Review

Paradise Lost Review

Sadness plays a vital role in this game.

All In Games studio unveiled a new game today. This game’s name Paradise Lost, which is one of the first console games from Sony and Microsoft.

Based on the knowledge we currently have about the game, Paradise Lost will tell the story of a 12-year-old boy who has to deal with World War II challenges in 1945. The boy finds a strange stone belonging to the Nazis in the ruins of the Polish nuclear bombing; a stone that will probably form an essential part of the game around its axis.

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No other details of the game’s story are available yet. Still, according to the trailer released for this game, the game will have a particular emphasis on emotions. There will be five different levels of sadness in this title, each of which will affect the environment, gameplay and even dialogue.

For making this game, the Unreal Engine 4 engine has been used, updated for use on the next-generation consoles. Paradise Lost wants to use one of the next PlayStation’s main features, the sound engine, to provide a unique audio experience. It is unexplained at this time what he will do with the PlayStation 5 sound engine.

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