Mass Effect 2: Legendary Edition game review

Mass Effect 2: Legendary Edition game review

Mass Effect 2: Legendary Edition game review

Mass Effect 2: Legendary Edition is a remake of Mass Effect 2, first released in 2010 for the Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360 platforms. Now, 11 years later, a remake of the title for the ninth generation consoles, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, was recently released on May 14, 2021, and excited the fans of this popular game once again.

The second version of this game has always been accompanied by very good reactions. Critics praised the game from several different perspectives, including impressive storytelling, characterization, and struggles. Mass Effect 2 is often recognized as one of the greatest games of all time. Follow us to review this fascinating game.

Game changes compared to the original version

The changes in the legendary version of the edition compared to the original version is a significant change. From the very beginning of the game, the graphical optimizations of the game can be clearly felt. It should be noted that no new content has been added to this version and no change has been made in the relationships between the characters and it has only been upgraded graphically.

While the original version of the game may still have its weaknesses, the remake of the game is now the best game in the series thanks to its 4K resolution. More importantly, of course, are these first-rate and memorable Mass Effect 2 storytellers and characters who have made it one of the best in history without exaggeration.

Mass Effect 2: Legendary Edition game review

Changes in the Legendary Edition

The changes to the Legendary Edition are largely graphic. The 4K textures are almost as clear as a modern game, and the stunning facial expressions of the game’s characters are one step ahead of the first game. The game runs at a frame rate of 60 without any problems, but this frame rate can be upgraded to 120. Also, the game load time has been significantly reduced compared to the main games, and you will rarely have to wait more than a few seconds.

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Graphical options added to the game,

Graphical options added to the game, such as Tesselation, make the game livelier and more dynamic, and provide a beautiful graphic experience for gamers and fans of the Mass Effect series. The voice acting of the characters along with the unique music of this game has made it the best of its kind. The music of the second version is even better than the first version and can keep pace with the third version.

Lighting in the Legendary Edition

The lighting is also excellent in this remastered version. Ambient lighting is very realistic and we even see beautiful cinematic scenes using a combination of creative lighting and artistic shading. The reflection of light from different objects and the observation of artistic shadows in closed and open environments fascinate all the fans of this series. The characters’ faces are quite realistically designed, and unlike the sci-fi style of the game, we see a real masterpiece in graphics and visual quality.

Gameplay Mass Effect 2 game

Part of why Mass Effect 2 has become so popular with gamers goes back to its unusual structure. The main effort in this game is to fight a group of aliens who have taken all the human colonies, but the core of the game is to gather a special team from across the galaxy and gain their level of loyalty to fight this species.

Each of the 12 characters in the game, including Garrus and Tali, have their own story and background, all of which are different and distinct. This variety of stories among the game’s characters, as well as the ability to choose how and which characters to take with you on each mission, are other strengths of Mass Effect 2.

By talking to your team members, you can get to know them and get to know them better. By the end of the story, you have been accustomed to playing with these characters for almost 40 hours, which means that when their lives are in danger, you will spare no effort to save your teammates.

The more you can expand your relationships with the game’s interactive characters, the better the results you will see, including the release of certain powers to use in battles. Also, the opening of interesting personal missions that invite you to get to know them better is also one of the interesting points of the game.

Mass Effect 2: Legendary Edition game review

Review of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

The times when you are surrounded by enemies and you have to destroy each one with a special weapon or power, are one of the most exciting moments of the gameplay. After a few shots with each weapon, it can be said with confidence that this section has a great upgrade over the original game. The sound of the guns is louder and they weigh more, which makes you feel like your gun is more powerful; Unlike the original versions, in which the weapons were weak.

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Likewise, game battles will be more exciting and challenging thanks to these optimized weapons. After finding the necessary items from different environments and planets, you can upgrade them in your spaceship. You can also occasionally combine different devices to see your weapon become more practical and powerful. Character and weapon upgrades are simple and not complicated, and if you are a little searching, you can upgrade your equipment well.

Controlling the team during battle is easy, but if you play at higher levels, it will be a little difficult to locate the group members. Of course, team members are usually smart enough to deal with danger on their own. The main benefit of the team members for you is to use their powers to ward off danger when the enemy attacks.

Mass Effect 2: Legendary Edition game review

Take a look at Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

One of the annoyances in the first version was the macaws and the use of vehicles, which had very boring missions. In this version, the use of vehicles is not completely eliminated, but is limited to an area called Hammerland, which can only be used with a DLC.

During the sub-missions, we see the use of special equipment for shooting at the surface of the spaceships, which makes them a little more diverse, and you can perform different sub-missions in the same style. During missions where you fight enemies, you can easily blow up targets from a distance and win the field.

Concluding remarks

Mass Effect 2 is known as the best game in the Mass Effect trilogy and is extraordinary in itself. What is more, in a rebuilt version, the minor bugs of the original version have also been fixed. This sci-fi and epic game with dozens of hours of exciting missions that explores the life story of your teammates and foreign cultures has been included in the list of the best open world games in history.

Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition is a great remake of a dream triangle that has undergone so many changes that it feels new. The game’s 4K resolution, great graphics and visual effects, along with its strong gameplay and compelling story and outstanding characterization, will bring you a memorable gaming experience.

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