Knockout City will be released soon (part1)

Knockout City

A game like Dodge ball

The studio introduced the Knockout City at the Nintendo Direct event and it is accessible on all platforms. Today, we will review the latest information we have about this game along with its release date.

What is Knockout City?

Velan Studio, which has a history of making Mario Kart Live augmented reality in collaboration with Nintendo, has unveiled its next title, Knockout City. An online team game like the old Dodge ball game that is set to be released soon.

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Knockout City release date and game release platforms

The studio will release the game on May 21 on Origin, Steam, PlayStation, XBOX and Nintendo Switch platforms. The studio will release it for ninth-generation consoles, the PS5 and XBOX Series X, with improved quality over other platforms. This game’s publisher is the well-known company EA, which will release this game under its label.

How to play Knockout City

In Knockout City, we will have a similar experience to Gym Class. You and your team try to hit your opponents with the ball while at the same time you have to dodge the balls that your opponents throw at you or blow them up to eliminate yourself!

Different throwing methods

One of the exciting points in this game is that in addition to direct throwing, you can throw the balls in a circular motion or throw the balls in an arched way from above the obstacles. You can even pretend to throw to deceive your opponents so that do not hold your ball in the air!

You can also turn yourself into a ball. Your teammates will pass you among themselves to move faster on the map, or you can use your ball mode to attack your opponents especially!

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