Introducing two android action games which are the first person (part1)

android action games

Introducing two android action games which are the first person

Contract Killer: Sniper

The sniper class is one of the most popular classes in first-person shooters, and many gamers are interested in using camera weapons. If you are one of these users, we suggest you install Contract Killer: Sniper on your phone and do game missions in your spare time. The well-known company Glu Mobile makes this game, which has always been famous for making beautiful and low-volume graphic games. Although the word Sniper is mentioned in the name of the game and the main process of the game is to target enemies from a distance, but the variety of weapons in this game is very high and includes from ordinary camera weapons to laser and powerful weapons.

In low-volume mobile games like Contract Killer: Sniper, you should not look for such a complex story and characterization. What is important is the gameplay process and the high variety of missions and game stages. Contract Killer: Sniper has no drawbacks in this regard, and 250 different stages are provided for the game so that it does not end soon. Of course, the stages are usually short so that you can go to the game in the shortest time and skip a few stages. In general, due to the small size of the game (about 200 MB), we suggest that you have it on your phone to have fun and pass the time in the short opportunities that it misses, such as waiting in different queues or sitting in the subway.

Call of Duty: Mobile

If you are a fan of multiplayer and online shooting games and you have happy memories with different versions of Call of Duty on consoles and computers, then definitely the best game on the list for you will be Call of Duty: Mobile. You no longer need to look for games like Call of Duty for your mobile ،, because Activision has launched itself and brought the best possible experience of this series on Android phones. The game’s graphics, like any other version of Call of Duty, are spectacular, pushing the boundaries of graphics in first-person mobile games. The gameplay is very smooth and you can quickly get used to the game process on the phone.

With the growing popularity of Battle Royale games, Activision has also turned its attention to this style of games in recent years and has tried to bring the Call of Duty series into the arena as well. According to the same approach, Call of Duty: Mobile game is also made in the style of Battle Royale, and in each round of competition with a large number of users, you will enter the battlefield at the same time to determine the best and most skilled person and live until the end of the round. Stay. Call of Duty: Mobile keeps all the stereotypes of the Battle Royale style in the first-person action style, and at the same time tries to introduce innovations in this style of games. These games are currently one of the most popular titles on Google Play and have crowded servers. So there is no acceptable excuse and if you consider yourself a mobile gamer, you must have Call of Duty: Mobile on your phone.

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