Gravity Heroes game release date announced

Gravity Heroes

Two-dimensional exciting game

PQube Studio today unveiled the exact news of the release of Gravity Heroes on various platforms. Additionally, to make the players more familiar, other information about this work are available, which we will see in the following.

Two-dimensional titles are always very popular with gamers, and many are still experimenting with them. We can predict that Gravity Heroes will become one of these works. Those interested in plat former, and shooting styles will welcome it. The Studica Solution and PQube Studios are responsible for creating and releasing Gravity Heroes. According to them, respectively, we learned that the studio have released the game on January 20, 2021, on the PC and PlayStation 4 Xbox One and Nintendo console platforms.

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In this game, you have to take your favorite character’s lead and be on the big and rich battlefield. The people in these battles are famous as the heroes of gravity and break physics laws. In addition to humans, there are robots to choose from. In general, each of the characters in this work has its appearance and skills, and their choice will depend entirely on your taste. You will also receive weapons and items for battles to make the most of them.

Gravity Heroes is an arcade game, and we see an attractive and exciting pixel world in it. Classic works inspire the production team in this regard. Of course, there are no new features that should not be overlooked. It is interesting to know that we can see the online and multiplayer sections in this title menu. It will be possible to experience with friends or other players from other parts of the world. In addition to the individual player mode, there is also a two-player section. The variety of modes, missions, weapons and characters makes for a lovely title.

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