Get to know the most disappointing games of 2019 (part2)

most disappointing games


The latest issue of the popular Crackdown series, which fans remember of previous issues with its exciting battles and crowded world, is another example of what a flawed game development cycle can do to it. Crackdown 3 was first introduced in 2014, and after a year of game development under its creator, Dave Jones, Microsoft announced plans to use a cloud computing system to speed up image and physics rendering. Use the models to create a huge world with real destructibility.

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Of course, this dream never came true. Crackdown 3 came out with a lot of big and small problems and processing delays caused by the cloud computing system, and it lost many of its major developers, such as Cloudgine, Regent Games, and of course Dave Jones, during game development. After the project was discussed several times between different developers, finally with less than a year left until the release, the task of completing this game was entrusted to Sumo Digital. The final version of Crackdown 3, while retaining the main elements of the gameplay of the series, did not do much to improve it, and even in terms of graphics and mechanics used in the game, gamers were faced with a repetitive and lacking innovation title. . Given that the first issue of this series was released 12 years ago, it was easy to guess that the lack of innovation and duplication would cause the project to fail, and it did.


While Rage 2 had all the elements of a good game, it failed to impress critics and gamers alike. The point is not that Rage 2 is a bad game, it just so happens that this title has created good moments for the players and has had acceptable performance, especially in terms of the combat system. However, the problem with Rage 2 is that it lacks innovation and can in no way differentiate itself from similar games offered in this genre. In addition, given that Rage 2 was the result of a joint effort by two of the game’s best developers, id Software and Avalanche Studios, much more was expected from the game, and we were all looking forward to a different title.

One of the biggest problems with Rage 2 is that the story and its characters are by no means mature and do not involve the players. The game world, despite its vastness, does not have a special feature. It seems that its design is inspired by other open-world games (for comparison, it is not bad to mention such titles as Crysis 2 or Huff Life 2 that the game world in them. (New York and City 17) is one of the most important factors in their success and these worlds can even be considered one of the main characters of the game!). In addition to all this, add the big and small technical problems and bugs to Rage 2 to find out why gamers and critics have not shown such great joy.

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