Genesis Noir (part2)

Genesis Noir review

Genesis Noir (part2)

Game review

There is no use of useless philosophies in this direction. Even the pairing of cells that lead to the creation of living beings serves to find clues. These clues lead to the rescue of the victim. Pairing the creative moments with a noir romance story may not seem like much at first glance. However, all the pieces are neatly put together to give the audience an engaging completely.

From a gameplay perspective, Genesis Noir can be in “point and click” works. Still, contrary to the tradition of such works, the goal is not to find items and put them together to solve various puzzles. Still, at any moment, a unique mystery is in the player’s way, which requires finding a specific solution to that particular puzzle. These riddles eventually lead to events such as the growth of birds among the branches of a tree, the emergence of cities and skyscrapers as a result of a duel, etc., which we have seen similar to the riddles themselves in other titles. Still, they are accompanied by images that create. It has given them more value. The gameplay is not as complex as other sections. Still, the results that lead to different gameplay parts have made us feel more or less fresh and original in this section.

Like almost all games, the primary factor that turns heads to Genesis Noir is the appearance. If you are looking for characters with thousands upon thousands of pixels in each strand of hair, this game is not for your taste at all. However, if you are interested, you have an unusual design style. Then you will encounter one of the most different things. The visual design is very eye-catching at the same time. There is no need for unnecessary additions. Every action we do in the gameplay adds something new to its world. The graphic part of this addition places new items in a very tangible way in our drawings’ whole frame.

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