Gaming M2 mATX Cube case (GM-02B-OP)

Gaming M2 mATX Cube case (GM-02B-OP)

Gaming M2 mATX Cube case (GM-02B-OP)

The M2 mATX Cube case (GM-02B-OP) is the next best iteration of the original Cubo Gaming M1 case to significantly improve performance. The newly conception front panel incorporates the optimal air flow mesh, the largest number of fans actions and additional support for the radiator 240 mm on the upper panel.

Fusion RGB

The tempered glass side panels allow a clean view of the installed system and the box is supplied with an arg control center, which guarantees M / B synchronization compatibility with: ASUS ™ Aura, ASRock ™ RGB Sync, MSI ™ Mystic Light Sync e Gigabyte ™ Fusion RGB.


CHIEFTEC entered the CL02BOP MATX CUBE Frame, which has an ALLBLACK design and an innovative opening mechanism that allows a time significantly easier to install almost all PC components. This compact design also guarantees that users can easily hide the PC below or near their desktop.  The chassis compatibility offers a wide range of compatibility for long graphic cards, COOLER CPUs and ATX power supplies.

Gaming M2 mATX Cube case (GM-02B-OP)

PC Matx features

The PC Cl02bop Matx Cube box has a network front panel and a unique mode to open the box to access internal components. The cl02bop Matx Cube chassis PC has an AlllacK design that allows this case to adapt to almost all configurations PC or home office. This Chase PC Matx feature is part of the Mesh Chieftec series, which allows a greater speed of airflow through the frame. The unique way of this frame to allow internal access is perfect for manufacturers starting components or install new components.

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Miniitx cases and microatx support, the Chossonic game Cube M2 has a lot of space for Headend Gaming components, including graphic cards up to 340 mm long and CPU chillers up to 200 mm high, it is also possible to adapt to a power supply Atxisized (up to 160 mm long). Water cooling enthusiasts will also have space to experiment, as the case supports a 280 mm radiator in the front, in addition to a 240 mm radiator on the roof, therefore with some planning and patience, a powerful cooling system can be configured here.

Gaming M2 mATX Cube case (GM-02B-OP)

The Heettronic M2 mATX Cube case (GM-02B-OP)

The Heettronic M2 mATX Cube case (GM-02B-OP) also makes several airflow updates on the original M1. For beginners, there is a front panel on the net with 2X Amateurs with Fanatics Rainbow pre-installed for air intake. For the escape, there is another rainbow fan in the back.  To ensure compatibility, the case is supplied with a certified ARCB control hub, which allows you to synchronize with RGB ASUS, ASK, MSI and Gigabyte software.

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MICIN port

While it is a compact case, you won’t have to engage in storage, since it is possible to have 2x units of 3.5 “and 2x 2.5” installed or 4 2.5-inch drives. The front panel includes 2 times USB 3.0 ports, 2x USB 2.0 ports, an audiout port and a MICIN port.




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