Full introduction of Under Leaves game

Under Leaves game

A game on the forest

Under Leaves is a new name in a series of fun and puzzle games. Circus Atos game development studio designed this game for its fans. It is why the Silo team has decided to provide you with the best as always. By introducing it will be with you when you are happy and spending your free time.

Your task in this game is similar to Hidden Object. You need to find the missing items in the shortest possible time. Unlike other games usually played in rooms or buildings, this game is in a forest or an ocean’s depths with ten different animals. You have to find the things that the animals have lost in this game, such as finding the chestnuts for the pigs in the forest, the silkworms for the crocodiles, and so on in each step. Cartoon and its different graphics challenge your intelligence and accuracy and can easily engage you for hours on different levels.

Features of Under Leaves Android game:

It has gorgeous graphics

Existence of visual designs

There are different types of different stages

 Quiet and audio gameplay

Nine other places around the world

Twenty-nine moving animals to discover

Presence of many animal characters

No ads in the game

Suitable for ages 6 to 8 years

Other types of cartoon views

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