Detail of The Darkside Detective (part1)

Detail of The Darkside Detective (part1)

Detail of The Darkside Detective (part1)

Introducing and reviewing game features

The Darkside Detective is a click-and-point adventure game. The Spooky Doorway Studios designed this game. In this game, the gamer has the role of a detective whose name is Francis McQueen.

Recently, Spooky Doorway tweeted the start date of the Kickstarter campaign for the second season of The Darkside Detective.

Irish company Spooky Doorway recently announced the start of a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of the second season of the game The Darkside Detective. In this regard, the company has already informed the fans about this campaign’s start date by the game’s official Twitter page.

The game won awards, including two AGGIE awards for best comedy screenplay. The other was for best character for the ever-mysterious Officer Dooley character. The work’s narrative focus focuses on a section of police officers specific to supernatural events.

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Along with these police forces’ daily affairs, which is the same as solving police cases by talking to ghosts and sea monsters, the story’s humorous aspect will show. Considering Season 1’s success so far, we can hope that Season 2 will have the same routine. It will be able to repeat its previous successes with exciting tours and great comedy. The project’s Kickstarter campaign officially launches on September 12.

The Darkside Detective is currently available on various platforms, including the Nintendo Switch console and the PC. In the following, we intend to examine this game in full.

The Darkside Detective is a click-and-shoot adventure game designed by Spooky Doorway Studios. In this game, the gamer appears in the role of a detective named Francis McQueen, who will work on various cases in a Dark Side group and his colleague named Officer Dooley. The most crucial police force cases are related to six strange issues that have interesting stories. These six cases seem very mysterious at first. Still, after a while, other things happen that cause these cases to turn into supernatural currents.

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