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Today, we have prepared a game review for you from HeroCraft and Lion’s Shade, released in 2016 by HeroCraft for Nintendo Switch. This game released a significant update in 2020. This update had substantial changes in graphics and gameplay, which has been well received so far from this game.

In the beginning, you play the role of pirates who travel from one side of the ocean to the other, destroying whoever comes their way if they do not kill themselves. This style of play has had many fans so far.

This game’s motivations are mostly point-based, meaning that there is no specific story in it, and it does not have a particular ending. You are exactly like the pirates on the ocean, facing different challenges. There are different types of challenges, the most common of which is fighting another ship! The ship in front of you can throw bombs that can even kill you with those bombs, but you have to move it in time and throw fast bombs at the enemy ship to capture it and the money inside the ship to plunder. However, not only that, but also this war may turn into a physical and face-to-face struggle that sometimes makes things more challenging. As you hit the enemy ship and both ships’ soldiers, you attack each other with the sword. You also act as the captain of the boat and kill the enemy soldiers with your sword.

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In this part of the game, there are criticisms that the enemy soldiers have inferior performance to feel like you are hitting a tree. These soldiers go back and forth, sometimes they strike, but you win by a large margin. In general, the third-person parts of this game do not have the standard and necessary quality and could have been much, much better. Of course, apart from these challenges, octopuses and large body creatures may attack you, and in fighting them, you must do other things to win the field.

I described the gameplay in general, but we come to the graphics, which is very important in this type of game and is very important. However, in the previous versions of this game, the graphics do not have the necessary qualifications. It is not easy to give it an acceptable score. Still, in the new version we can see that the graphics are much better, and they have designed the expected quality. The graphics of the characters, or even most importantly, the graphics of water and special effects, are average and receive an acceptable score. Even the mechanics of this game work well and smoothly without much problem.

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