Detail of Ghostrunner game (part1)

Detail of Ghostrunner game (part1)

Detail of Ghostrunner game (part1)

Ghostrunner offers exciting and challenging battles, but unfortunately, the story’s weaknesses and its design have caused it not to show itself as it should and perhaps should.

One of the video game industry’s risk factors is that the developer combines several different styles of video games to provide a new experience. The difficulty is that if the manufacturer does not put each style’s elements together well, the final product will not look as attractive as it should and may turn out to be a failure.

When Ghostrunner was introduced, users noticed products reminiscent of various exciting games and genres. Polish studio One More Level, the Creator of Gostraner, has used elements used in games such as Katana Zero and Mirror’s Edge to build their product. Now the main question is whether Ghsotrunner, with all its familiar and new features, is a product that can entertain the audience?

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In response, I have to say that Ghostrunner is an entirely new experience, and some problems have prevented Ghostrunner from delivering a perfect experience. Ghostrunner represents a world ruled by rich and powerful people who try to rule their creatures like the Creator. This creates excellent chaos, and darkness and filth pervade.

In his story section, Ghost Runner plays Bacon as a Ghost Runner named Jack. On the other hand, Jack knows nothing of his past and only hears another person’s voice in his mind. This voice asks him to do different things all the time and informs Jack about his past more and more. Ghostrunner has a mysterious and exciting beginning. However, this storytelling process loses its charm over time to guess the end from the second half.

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