Cozy Grove has been released

Cozy Grove

Another masterpiece from Spry Fox Studios

Game development studio Cozy Grove, which introduced the work in previous months, finally set the exact release date today. In addition, the studio released another trailer of this game, which can be interesting for many gamers.

Game Cozy Grove

Cozy Grove is a series of adventure, action and puzzle titles. You have to form a group of influential people and enter strange islands. To research and discover various mysteries, you should search all over the island and find interesting points. After gaining power, you will take over the leadership of the whole island. It would help if you had good supervision over everyone’s work. It is also essential to preserve resources and use them on time. Each living thing may have its own needs that you need to address them on time. So fans of the styles above can also enjoy Cozy Grove.

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It is interesting to know that Cozy Grove is compared to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Many critics believe that the title inspired the production team. Because many of the missions and events in these two works are similar. Of course, there are similarities between this work and the Harvest Moon series. Now we have to wait and view what the reception of this version will be. Of course, in Cozy Grove, you can also witness mysterious and scary events. It is worth mentioning that Spry Fox Studio has been in charge of making this title simultaneously.

The studio planned to release the Cozy Grove on April 8, 1400 (April 8, 2021) on the PC and PlayStation 4, Xbox 1 and Nintendo Switch platforms. The team has also announced that it will provide more information to fans in the coming days to let them know details such as the story, characters and islands of the work.

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