Steam Deck ; Everything you need to know about the Steam gaming console

Steam Deck; Everything you need to know about the Steam gaming console

Steam Deck ; Everything you need to know about the Steam gaming console

The Steve console is Valve’s answer to the Nintendo Switch, a portable PC with internal controllers that will be launched later this year. In this article, we bring you everything you need to know about the console.

Introducing the console

This week, Valve surprised gamers around the world with the announcement that “the Steam console is trying to build PC gaming hardware.” This portable device is most similar to Nintendo’s most popular handheld console, the Nintendo Switch, in size and appearance. But unlike the Nintendo Switch, the Steam console is built to play Steam library games on the go, and a significant portion of it will be launched in December.

The Steam console will be available in three different versions, but all three will offer the same functionality. But you will not need a more expensive version to play more advanced games. Only their storage options are different:

  1. The 64GB model will be priced at $ 399, the 256GB model at $ 529 and the 512GB model at $ 649. Of course, more expensive models also have more advantages. (Like the 512GB anti-radiation screen and a Community package for the top two models)
  2. Only 256 and 512 GB models are equipped with NVMe SSD. Along with the higher model of the two, a faster drive is also provided. As we said, the Steam Deck model with less storage space will be slower than you expect. All three models can also be upgraded with microSD.

Buying a cheaper model will get you stuck in slower speeds and non-NVMe storage. So, if you care about loading speed and general usability, it’s worth getting more expensive and higher models.

Steam Deck; Everything you need to know about the Steam gaming console

Steam Deck works with SteamOS version

Steam Deck works with SteamOS version, which is a modified version of Linux; This operating system gives you an easy-to-use interface for browsing and selecting games from the Steam library. If you are already a Steam customer, you will definitely have a wide range of games available for you to play on your Steam console from the start.

Valve emphasizes that the Steam console is a personal PC at its core. This means that you can expect the same experience from this console as you would with any desktop or standard laptop. Including installing the operating system and running games other than Steam. For example, you can hypothetically install Windows and use it to load a Steam client or other games.

This may be less subtle than SteamOS, but that’s not how we can do it.

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Compatible games in Steam Deck Console

The question of what games can be played on the Steam console will change by the time it launches (actually after launch). There are currently a number of popular games that are not supported on Linux and Proton and there is no solution for them. These games include Apex Legends, Destiny 2 and Rainbow Six Siege. However, it is possible that support for these games will be available when launching this console.

Steam Deck; Everything you need to know about the Steam gaming console

More importantly, there is storage space: some games alone take up a lot of space, which can be booted up to at least 64 GB on the Steam console. You can use a microSD card to increase this space and store larger games. But if we want to talk about games that are literally big and so out of the box, unfortunately it will not be compatible with this storage space.

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design and shape of the Steam console

The overall design and shape of the Steam console is similar to the Nintendo Switch Old. The Steam Deck has a 720P touchscreen in the middle and halves of the game controller on both sides. Unlike Nintendo’s Joy-Cons, these items cannot be separated from the system itself. This means that if you want to connect the console to an external monitor and play, you will also need a separate controller. However, you can connect to any standard Bluetooth controller. So, you can use any regular Xbox, PlayStation or other third-party control.

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