About Nintendo owns astral Chain

About Nintendo owns astral Chain

About Nintendo owns astral Chain

According to the creators of Astral Chain, Platinum Games, Nintendo owns the IP. Platinum Games Studio developed the Australian title in collaboration with Nintendo. The game, which was released exclusively for Nintendo Switch in 2019, received very positive feedback from users and critics, as well as good sales. However, there has not been much talk about the future of this IP so far. The head of the game development studio, Mr. Atsushi Indaba, had previously stated that the release of this multi-platform title would depend on Nintendo.

Therefore, when fans found out that Astral Chain’s publishing rights had been changed and Platinum Games’ studio name was removed, they raised questions. Now Mr. Inaba, who recently spoke to the Videogames Chronicle website, has spoken out, saying the change is “as it seems.”

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“As mentioned on the website, Astral Chain is their (Nintendo) IP.”That’s why there are limits to how much we want to talk about it.” Asked more questions about transparency, the representative said that Platinum Games was “not in a position to answer that question.”

On the other hand, Nintendo did not talk about this IP after the game was released. Of course, for a limited time, some of the characters of Astral Chain in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate were used as the spirit.

Regarding PlatinumGames, it should be said that this studio is working on various projects. Games such as Bayonetta 3 (which is said to be releasing new information later this year), Babylon’s Fall. Project G.G. is currently being developed by the studio.

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