Unveiling of new and expensive Xbox X series headphones (part1)

Xbox X series

Unbelievable headphones for gaming

Danish company Bang & Olufsen unveiled just hours before its first high-end gaming headphones. They designed it to work with the Xbox X-Series and other Xbox consoles.

The Danish company Bang & Olufsen is the manufacturer of high-end audio and video equipment globally. It revealed its first gaming headset called Beoplay Portal for the Xbox X series a few hours ago. This headset retains the advanced Bang & Olufsen design language and includes features lacking in a regular headset.

They designed the headset in a way to work with the Xbox ecosystem. Users can easily connect it to the Xbox X-Series, Xbox S-Series, Xbox 1 and PC by pressing the Pair button. We can also connect the headset to other devices simultaneously using Bluetooth 5.1 technology when connected to the Xbox. This feature will be helpful when, for example, the user wants to answer a phone call without interrupting the game.

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Like the Bose QC35 gaming headset model released last year, the Beoplay Portal headphones have a high-end design and, in many ways, have the same features as a high-end headset. Of course, the combination of unique design and different headset features makes it an expensive product. The black Beoplay Portal headset is currently available for $ 499 at the Microsoft Store, Bang & Olufsen website and other online retailers. This headset also has two colors, gray and crimson, which will be available for purchase on April 29 (May 9).

The Beoplay Portal model uses active and adaptive noise reduction technology or ANC. It also has a dedicated mode for gaming sound, which detects the game headset. It activates its gaming mode as soon as it connects wirelessly to the console or wired to the computer by using a USB-C cable. Beoplay Portal is chargeable via USB-C cable and has a 3.5 mm jack.

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